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Posted by Carolyn Gracie 1351182476.013

Hello QVC Friends!!

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog....so sorry!! I was on vacation for two weeks and then it's been just non-stop pre-holiday busy-ness at the Q since I returned!!

First, I had a wonderful time down at the beach at Pawleys' Island, SC at the end of Sept/beginning of October, with my family. We had beautiful weather and rented a lovely beach house, with plenty of room for all and a pool table too, which made my 11 year old nephew, John Logan, and my Dad very happy! Dad also took him to the batting cages...my Dad was a fantastic baseball player in high school and now my nephew is following in his footsteps. He is a star pitcher already and was hitting  baseballs in the cage at speeds meant for much older boys! We are so proud of him!

Now, back at the Q we are gearing up for the Holiday Season and it is so much fun! Please be sure to check out my Carolyn Gracie Gift Picks page throughout the season, with MANY MANY of my own favorite products for gift giving, in lots of different shopping categories! It will be updated frequently, so check back frequently! I hope you'll plan to tune in to my Gift Picks shows as well, with lots of my favorite things that I know you will love too!

This Sunday is Cooking on Q Day, and I'll be with you from 8am to Noon with a big 2-Hour Kitchen Unlimited, plus an hour of KitchenAid and an hour of Temptations!! We'll have lots of new items and returning favorites, plus an awesome TSV from KitchenAid!!

Coming up on my Facebook page, if you are a Face-Booker, I'll have a fun feature all about Pets and Halloween, with some adorable photos....and would love you to post yours as well, if your Fur Baby likes to dress up in a costume!! Also, soon I'll be debuting a new Facebook feature for Pet Lovers called "Fur Baby of the Month", featuring a different one of my Pets each month, with fun stats and facts about each one! I'd love for you to post YOUR favorite pet photos on my page as well!! If you don't do Facebook, no worries....I'll be posting my pet photos here as well. :) In fact, here are just a few of my favorites!


One more FUN feature coming up for my Denim and Company Gals!! Starting next week, we'll be launching Denim and Company DIVA vs. DESIGNER!! Each month one of the Denim and Company Design Team will choose one of their favorite Denim and Company items and then I will also choose one of MY favorites (I'm the D&Co DIVA, of course!)  Then we'll post a photo of both items and why we love them, and ask you to VOTE on the one YOU like best!! The catch is.....you won't know which one I picked or which one the designer picked!!  You'll have a week to vote and we'll announce the winner on the following Denim and Company Tuesday 11am show!! Yikes! I hope you'll pick mine! :)

Finally, I wanted to post a photo of my parent's kitty, Dolly the Ragdoll, who passed on to Rainbow Bridge recently, We all miss her so much....she was such a sweet, much loved cat. RIP Dear Dolly. 


Till next week, God Bless and hugs to you,  your pets, kids and grandkids!!




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Kathylatte1351248058.6545 PostsRegistered 5/17/2007

Hi Carolyn. I received an email from you and when I opened it there was just an address to click on, no other information. I dont think you or QVC sent this so I did not click on the site. Wanted to let you know if this was not from you someone else is sending it out. Thanks

my cucina1351302528.7140 PostsRegistered 12/3/2010

Look forward to your shows, Carolyn! Thank you also for the great pet photos - love them and appreciate that you will post them on your blog because I am not a facebooker. Keep up the great work, you are always great company and a pleasure to watch when you are on.

tdol651351449687.0074 PostsRegistered 10/28/2012

You are my favorite host; I love the fact that you love your pets, and you are so down to earth.

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