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Peter Thomas Roth Forum Feedback

Last Reply by Shanno9 1347801446.97 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Hi PTR ladies! Hope you all have had a chance to check out our TSV from Peter Thomas Roth today – it’s an amazing value with even more incredible results! We’re always anxious to hear your feedback and we read closely what everyone is discussing on the forums and I noticed a few comments about this product being offered on Peter Thomas Roth’s website. We couldn’t be more excited to debut this line from Peter! The products you see mentioned on his website cannot yet be purchased and his homepage actually links directly to QVC.com so you can purchase the TSV. As al... Continue Reading

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Kristin - QVC Beauty Buyer on 1345481274.63

Beauty's Best- Which Category Are You Most Excited For?

Last Reply by On The Scene 1346184725.887 | in Beauty Banter

Imagine a day of beauty that’s all about you: not only how you look, but also what you think. That’s Beauty’s Best, all day August 25, 2012. Join us for 24 hours of the brands you’ve made our Best Sellers and the items you’ve made Customer Top-Rated. Plus, we’re announcing the nominees and giving you the opportunity to vote for the winners of the Customer Choice Awards on QVC.com and the QVC apps, beginning at midnight ET!   During our 8/25 Beauty’s Best event, which of the 2012 Customer Choice categories are you most excited to see nominees for? Continue Reading

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QVC Community Team on 1345435200

Season 1, Episode 2: Encore

Last Reply by Citygirl1 1348890524.31 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Hello friends and fans, What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been. Thank you all so much for tuning in to The Lisa Robertson Show on August 3, and even more for purchasing Re-Start Skin Serum. I worked so hard to get ReVitalistic Skincare ready to launch and I had a wonderful time on Lisa’s show sharing all the details. The best news? I'll be back on August 18 at 8am ET for the AM Style Beauty segment to share more details about ReVitalistic Skincare and I'm very excited. At QVC—just about camera ready. Loving my Judith Ripka earrings & bracelet. Had an amazing time wi... Continue Reading

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Vanessa Williams on 1345147243.577

Retinol Just Got Better

In Beauty Banter

Sometimes, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the case with Dr. Gross’ newest innovation, Ferulic Acid & Retinol Brightening Solution. Retinol and ferulic acid are proven antiaging ingredients. Retinol is known to improve skin texture, giving it a smoother, softer, more even appearance. Ferulic acid is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals attack and is naturally derived from sources like cherries, artichokes, and fennel. Seeing is believing. Check out the amazing results from our consumer study: Ferulic Acid & Retinol Brightening Solut... Continue Reading

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Dr Dennis Gross on 1345142418.127

The Big Reveal. Are you READY?

Last Reply by Sazbones 1346996161.683 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Hello! I’m so happy to be back on air at the Q this month. As always, our shows are loaded with tons of new products...and one really huge debut! You might've already heard the buzz. Drum roll, please…we're introducing a new member to our foundation family: bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation. It's our first-ever solid mineral foundation and you're among the first to see it! This new superstar wanted a flashy debut, so it’s launching in a QVC-exclusive*, custom silver compact and will be paired with a matching Precision Face Brush. bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation and ... Continue Reading

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Jessica Foust on 1345003200

Introducing Our Newest Styling Aid: WEN Nourishing Mousse

Last Reply by sjk73 1348519454.203 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, WEN

  At Chaz Dean Studio, we strive to help each and every customer achieve bouncy, shiny, beautiful, soft, and touchable hair.   Our newest styling aid, WEN Nourishing Mousse, delivers body, shine, and hold to hair without drying it out or leaving it crunchy or flaky. It can be used on all hair types. It gives straighter styles extra body, volume, boost, and hold.This formula defines curls and waves while keeping them soft, shiny, hydrated, and bouncy.     You should use our Nourishing Mousse after your leave-in conditioner and styling cream. Aft... Continue Reading

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WEN by Chaz Dean on 1344888641.13

Fall Favorites are Cool

Last Reply by Kait123 1353859053.75 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Do you have a certain something that tells you fall is in the air?  For me, it goes back to growing up in Springfiled, Pa.  Most summer nights when the windows were open to the backyard, all I would hear were the crickets chirping in the evening.  But, a sure sign that fall was just around the corner, was when through the open windows I would hear the sound of the drums from the marching band practicing for football half time shows.  To this day, so many years later, I still get excited for the change in seasons when I hear the drumline of a marching ban... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1344830400

Perfect Formula Just Got Even More Perfect!

Last Reply by mawkettle 1360083599.47 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

QVC Program Hosts Sandra Bennett and Albany Irving use Perfect Formula for their HDTV-ready nails It is a scenario that has happened more times than I would like to admit: I’m getting ready to go on-air, I wash my hands and check my nails. They look pretty good. An hour later, I’m presenting a lipstick, jacket, or pair of earrings. The camera comes in close and suddenly one fingernail is magnified, filling the entire television screen. There is a tiny chip in my polish that I didn’t notice before or a speck of makeup from a previous presentation lodged under my nail. I can a... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1344744000

It Cosmetics: Fight Visible Signs of Aging While Doing Your Makeup

Last Reply by dmbsoul 1345564656.627 | in Beauty Banter

Hey, pretty ladies! Long time, no talk! I have a good reason though. I just got back from two unbelievable vacations—a relaxing week in the Outer Banks with my boyfriend and his family and 10 pinch-me-I-must’ve-been-dreaming days in Italy with my mom and sisters. We went on a group tour called “The Great Italian Cities,” so one of our stops was, of course, Florence. While waiting in a very long line to get into the Uffizi Gallery (home to masterpieces such as the “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli), my older sister, Rachel, passed the time by braiding my hair. ... Continue Reading

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Missy The Beauty Editor on 1344571200

You Asked, Josie Answered!

Last Reply by Karen from Colorado 1395114049.06 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

kobria asks: Hi Josie! I love so many of your products. I just started using the Argan Cleansing Oil and I was wondering if the ingredients in this are different than the Argan Cleansing Oil for the Body? Thanks! Josie: The biggest difference you'll notice right away is that Argan Cleansing Oil is a bit thicker than Argan Cleansing Oil for Body. We’ve formulated it this way because your face needs more love and hydration than your body does! Icezeus asks: I ordered your upcoming TSV(SM) and received it a few days ago. I love the Argan Cleansing Oil, it smells wonderful, and leaves my s... Continue Reading

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Josie Maran on 1344484800

Beauty Shows - Before, During, and After

Last Reply by HappyDaze 1344439935.78 | in Beauty Banter, Q News, Mally

As I push the steel doors open to the beauty set, I am ready to conquer the night; or at least the beauty show that starts in a few hours!  I plug in the hot glue gun, clean a few mirrors, and finally tear the tiny silver seal from a bottle of StriVectin.  The realization sets in that it i... Continue Reading

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QVC Studio Scoop on 1344362828.227

Where I've been, where I'm going..plus, baking with sunflowers, hankering for cupcakes, Mama Killinger, and what's coming to QVC fashion this Fall! (...plus I've already started Christmas shopping)

Last Reply by SHIRLEE 1347409750.107 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

    3:09am. Cannot sleep. Friend from NYC (who actually lives in Greece) coming to visit tomorrow and I'm not sensing I'm going to be at my freshest due to said insomnia.  If you haven't seen me on air much this past month, it's bc I had a little "medical item" I needed to attend to. I'm all better now but for two weeks, I've been curled up in bad pajamas, either in bed or on my couch, OD-ing on the tv that I normally never watch, trying to stay off my feet. Bravo, CNN, the cooking channel...HGTV! I'm addicted to House Hunters Intl...and the night before my procedure I couldn... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1344264274.07

Fight the Visible Signs of Stress & Aging with NuFACE

Last Reply by Blondbychoice 1344305239.623 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

Do you ever look into the mirror and wonder where that youthful girl has gone? As we age, our faces become less toned and lose the youthful, vibrant appearances they once had. No matter how much effort we put into our facial skin-care regimen, there's no way to avoid the visible signs of stress and aging on our faces: wrinkles, slack, tired eyes, or jowly jaw. It’s inevitable. You’re forced to just live with your aging face or think of alternative, more drastic measures. To us, this is simply not acceptable and exactly why we created NuFACE.   Our unique,... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1344139200

Have a Question for Josie Maran? Ask Away!

Last Reply by mary7322 1344970626.463 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Have a beauty question for Josie Maran?  Submit your questions below and Josie will be answering a few in her next blog!    Continue Reading

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Josie Maran on 1343941864.577

Hot Summer Tips from Star Stylist Gwynne Mims

In Beauty Banter

Have salt water and chlorine damaged your hair? Can't get any volume? Don’t let hair’s summer bummers get you down! Check out my hottest tips, tricks, and Ojon favorites for keeping hair healthy and shiny all summer long.   All that chlorine and salt water can cause major buildup and damage. Once a week, replace your regular cleanser with Full Detox Detoxifying Shampoo. It gives hair a thorough cleaning without stripping it of essential oils.     Does your hair get limp and oily in the heat? Refresh it with Full Detox Rub-Out Dry... Continue Reading

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Gwynne Mims for Ojon on 1343841642.993

The Best Is Yet to Come

Last Reply by mostwanted 1344004419.033 | in Beauty Banter, Q News

Hi everyone: I'm thrilled to be the newest member of the QVC family and to join the community forum with my very first blog! It’s exciting to be able to speak directly to you and hear your comments and responses. What better way to begin than by sharing my best beauty secret with you…ReVitalistic Skin Care! I'm eager to know what you like about my products and what works for you the most. We've all had our fair share of bad skin days. Unfortunately, there's nowhere to hide in my business. Every flaw is highlighted and visible to the critical public eye, which is why it was time ... Continue Reading

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Vanessa Williams on 1343832011.7

My affinity for Fall Fashions from Liz Claiborne New York

Last Reply by CarolinMN 1347560638.9 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I recently took the train from PA to New York to spend the day with the designers for Liz Claiborne New York. Can you believe all the new fall fashions are designed and ready to go? I had the opportunity to see the new clothing line and it is beautiful! The colors, the prints, the silhouettes...it's so exciting! Some pieces are more casual with an updated look to the neckline or center of the garment...some of the sweaters have beautiful knitted designs that make them stand out from the average sweater...there are new jeans and pants in the works and a great year-roun... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1343746849.193

August Arrives With Some End of Summer Surprises

Last Reply by expatgal 1344180755.033 | in Beauty Banter, Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

As Shakespeare wrote: “parting is such sweet sorrow” The beginning of August augurs the end of another summer. This August, Ron and I will be saying goodbye to two more of our grandchildren who will be leaving for college in a few short weeks.  Sweet, as we share their continued maturation, the beginning of adulthood and their first steps towards the fulfillment of their dreams.  Sorrow, as now we will not see them as often, and as the realization hits that I will have four grandchildren in college.  I am not that old! To make up for the end of summer, I always try... Continue Reading

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Judith Ripka on 1343680464.82

Today's Special Value® StriVectin Anti-Aging Power Duo

Last Reply by Sandy in Brooklyn 1343608753.88 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

First of all, I want to thank everyone at QVC for asking me to start blogging. (How did QVC know I would love to talk to you even more than I usually do? My Aussie husband says it is a good thing I am not paid by the word!) But seriously, folks, I am flattered (Flathered!) to take part in this skin-loving, ongoing conversation with you all. I hope you enjoy my skin tips, coming from over 25 years in the biz. I’ll also tell you about StriVectin’s features and benefits and share a good laugh from time to time, Meg Flather-style! We at StriVectin are so proud to launch our brand new ... Continue Reading

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Meg Flather on 1343534400

It Cosmetics Vitality

Last Reply by Gellergirl 1348406492.7 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

Hello IT Girls!   I am so excited and honored to share a very special day with you this Friday, and introduce our new Vitality Anti-Aging Brightening Color Collection! This collection is all about achieving your most beautiful skin ever, and getting that vitality-filled glow back to your complexion! The products in this collection are infused with cutting-edge ingredients and the latest in antiaging technology, including two brand new product launches, and three of our hero products (including our Jumbo Mega Brush…it is so amazing I want every woman to own this, which is ... Continue Reading

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Jamie Kern Lima on 1343413651.373

Laura Geller Blog Chat Sunday at 7:00 p.m. ET!

Last Reply by NicksMom 1343610381.407 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Calling all my Geller Girls!  This Sunday Johnny and I will be answering all of your beauty questions during the 7:00 p.m. ET Laura Geller Makeup Studio show! Get your beauty questions ready and let's have some fun!  We'll be chatting right here. Continue Reading

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Gabrielle Kerr on 1343332137.81

Random Acts of Kindness Thursday..are YOU in?

Last Reply by summerbreeze 1344533142.17 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

I started my own personal weekly ritual and thought I would share it with you...maybe we can start a revolution (of the very best kind)! Every Thursday I set a goal of accomplishing as many random acts of kindness I can conceptualize. Why? Because I am a firm believer that one act of grace, of love, of compassion can set off a chain of events the effects of which you may never see but can be felt across miles and miles. It doesn't take a lot. In fact, it is as simple as adding more smiles-with-eye-contact to your day. Doesn't cost a cent. But is priceless. Why Thursday? Hey, it's "random," r... Continue Reading

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Jennifer Coffey on 1343317079.573

Celebrating Perricone MD’s 15th Anniversary with a Great Value

Last Reply by jonim 1347887671.79 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Perricone MD

This year marks a milestone as we celebrate our 15-year anniversary. My lifelong passion for science continues to inspire my innovations of revolutionary, breakthrough technologies that transform the face of skincare. In honor of this occasion, we’re offering our most powerful antiaging treatments in one collection, appropriately called The Science of Perricone MD. Each treatment within the collection targets universal skincare concerns and includes Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cold Plasma Delivery System, Neuropeptides, Vitamin C Ester ,and Acyl-Glutathione. Perricone MD The Science of Perric... Continue Reading

4 replies
Dr Perricone on 1343188800

Raising Eco Chic Babies

Last Reply by tuscaloosa 1343192334.807 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Courtesy http://chicological.squarespace.com/ One of my favorite quotes to live by is a Native American proverb that says, "We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." When my first daughter was born, I became obsessed with that message. I wanted to do everything possible to make the world beautiful for my baby. Now, since Indi Joon has arrived, I've become obsessed again. I really want my girls to grow up loving and respecting nature. Here are the eco-warrior-mama tips I came up with. I'd love to hear yours, too. Teach the Birds and the Bees I grew up i... Continue Reading

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Josie Maran on 1342813284.067

Do You Want Brighter Skin?

In Beauty Banter

Many of Dr. Gross’ patients tell him they want clearer, brighter skin. On June 21, 2012, we had a very successful editor event at the Museum of Art & Design in New York City, and we gave over 40 beauty magazine editors and members of the press a preview of what we’ll be launching in the fall of 2012. You guessed it—a brightening product is among the new lineup. Dr. Gross can’t wait to show you what he has coming! On Friday, July 20, 2012 at 10pm ET, tune in to Friday Night Beauty with Lisa Robertson to see the worldwide debut of his amazing new product. We wanted ... Continue Reading

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Dr Dennis Gross on 1342715689.217

Behind the Scenes of the CEW Awards

In Beauty Banter

The CEW Awards are the ultimate in the beauty industry. Just being nominated and having the industry take notice of our products is one of the highest compliments. And then, winning for Sugar Passion and Sugar Lip Polish was so exciting. It makes me feel like there's an even bigger purpose to what we do because we compete with so many products from every company out there. To be recognized over the years by CEW for all of our hard work and the care we take to uphold the Fresh tradition of high-quality, effective, and sensorial products is a true honor. The win for Sugar Passion was even sw... Continue Reading

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Fresh on 1342670400

What’s in My Beauty Bag?

In Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

When asked to bring my beauty bag to a video shoot that was only supposed to be one minute, I knew I had to narrow it down a bit. One minute couldn’t even scratch the surface of my beauty bag! With limited time, I decided to share an item to represent a different purpose: Skin, Color, Nails, Hair & Lips. Here’s the video that breaks it all down for you. Wondering where to find these items? Here they are! Rita Hazan Set of 2 Temporary Color Root Concealers for Gray Coverage- A218462 Mally Beauty Evercolor Long Wearing Shadow Stick- A242470 IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1342645414.287

Protect Your Hair from the Heat This Summer

Last Reply by 3345 1372377866.94 | in Beauty Banter, WEN

The summer months have finally arrived and it's time to tackle the heat in more ways than one! Most of us wouldn't dream of stepping out of the shade without a layer of sunscreen, so why wouldn't we offer our hair the same care and protection? Keep your hair healthy, shiny, bouncy, and beautiful all year round by following a few simple tips:   1. Add a few pumps of WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner to your hair prior to swimming in the pool or ocean. This will help protect your hair from the heat and prevent it from becoming dry, dehydrated, and frizzy. We also recommend ... Continue Reading

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WEN by Chaz Dean on 1342615737.463

You Called…and the Doctor Answered!

In Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

I remember meeting Dr. Gross for the first time and thinking, "Wow…this guy is the real deal." He’s in his Manhattan clinic meeting with real women (and men!) day in and day out, listening to their skin concerns, treating their issues, and creating customized regimens. But it doesn’t stop there. Dr. Gross takes a unique hands-on approach. He’s constantly searching for ways to take the groundbreaking technology he uses in his office and formulate it for at-home use. Dr. Gross believes in multitasking products with high levels of active ingredients that produce real r... Continue Reading

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Kristin - QVC Beauty Buyer on 1342584000

It's T3 for Me!

Last Reply by lobstergal 1344648856.25 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

My husband, daughters, and I just got back from a fantastic vacation in Spain. We loved everything about Barcelona and Mallorca. The food, the scenery, the people—I could go on and on about why it was an awesome place to take a family trip. In fact, while I was away, I posted quite a few pictures of us doing various activities on my Facebook page if you're interested. You can see how cute my husband is (at least I think so!). There was one thing about the trip that wasn’t so great—the hair dryers! Fortunately, I don’t care much about beauty routines while I’m on... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1342411200

Customer Favorites Weekend- My Home, My Favorites & How You Help Me Choose

Last Reply by cottons2010 1345676252.987 | in Beauty Banter, For the Home Talk, All About Accessories

I'm so excited about the upcoming Customer Favorites Weekend because I always like to see what's popular with YOU. Customer favorites are a great way to see how you live your life, what makes life easier, and what you appreciate in return. Looking at your feedback on QVC.com helps me prep for my shows, learn about products I’ve never tried and sometimes make my purchasing decisions easier. Here are some of my favs from my house; starting with the kitchen. For my guest bedrooms I chose Susan Graver bedding and accessories with a little Isaac thrown in :) From skincare to hair ca... Continue Reading

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Courtney Cason on 1342185322.68


Last Reply by Agentshopper 1359865842.077 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

Have you ever wondered why the tarte team traveled nearly 5,000 miles to source pure maracuja oil and Amazonian clay? We’re constantly searching, near and far, for pure ingredients to power our products. I'm so excited for our upcoming "What has your makeup done for you lately" collection because it features 6 tarte products infused with these 2 high-performance natural ingredients. My team and I made the trip to bring them to you in this limited-edition QVC exclusive set because we strongly believe that when these 2 ingredients power tarte formulations, makeup c... Continue Reading

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Maureen Kelly on 1342065600

Check Out Our Made in the USA Shop!

Last Reply by Red_Sox_Fan 1342297134.77 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk

Celebrate the pride of America with a selection of some of our top brands and most popular products that are made with ♥ in the USA!   SHOP NOW! Continue Reading

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QVC Community Team on 1342036951.38

tarte TSV: Gateway to Good-for-You Glamour

Last Reply by CaliTee 1342227550.687 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

Our tarte Today’s Special Value on July 13 has us asking ourselves, “What has our makeup done for us lately?” If you can’t answer this question, then keep reading. Let me digress for a second to mention that I’m a sucker for packaging, and this TSV is housed in a BEAUTIFUL floral box. It’s too pretty for my bathroom, where most of my makeup resides, so it’s doubling as décor on the dresser in my bedroom. The contents inside the box are pretty spectacular, too. They’re a great introduction to the skin-loving ingredients found in tarte p... Continue Reading

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Missy The Beauty Editor on 1341979200

Passing of Ernest Borgnine on July 8

Last Reply by Hello Friends 1343945582.293 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

We are saddened by the news of Ernest Borgnine passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tova, their family and loved ones during this difficult time. We invite you to leave your thoughts and condolences for Tova by leaving a comment below. Continue Reading

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QVC Team on 1341862501.693

T3 Voluminous Rollers Live up to Their Name! Pics to Prove It

In Beauty Banter

I’ve always coveted curls…so much so that I got a perm at 16. Now I take less drastic measures to make waves in my mane. I never really got into rollers, though. Curling irons have always been more of my thing (and my sweet, sweet CHI Smart Styling Iron, of course). But when I got the opportunity to give T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers a try, I couldn’t resist. I don’t have too much to compare them to (I most recently had a steam roller set, which I coincidentally just sold in a yard sale over the weekend), but this is a sharp, display-it-on-the-bathroom-counter set if I ev... Continue Reading

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Missy The Beauty Editor on 1341806400

What's your favorite purchase of 2012?

Last Reply by barely 1349032407.3 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Kitchen & Food Talk

Take our poll and share your favorite purchases and why you love them!   What's your favorite purchase of 2012? Continue Reading

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QVC Community Team on 1341806400

Laura Geller Blog Chat Tonight at 7:00 pm ET!

Last Reply by makeup addict 1341805324.293 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Laura Geller

Hi Ladies!  I'm so excited to chat with you tonight during the 7:00 pm ET Laura Geller Makeup Studio show!  I'll be hanging out with Johnny for two full hours so get your beauty questions ready! We'll be chatting right here from this blog post! See you at 7:00pm ET! Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1341720000

10 Years of BEAUTY!

Last Reply by bev603 1361660474.997 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Laura Geller

Hello Geller Girls,   This July marks my 10 Year Anniversary of my one-hour make-up studio shows on QVC, and I’m so ecstatic to celebrate this amazing milestone with my family, friends and most importantly…YOU, my Geller Girls.     I founded Laura Geller Make-Up, Inc. because “I believe beauty is EVERY woman’s birthright.”  Over the last decade, you’ve all helped my company succeed in creating the best line of products that continue to become award-winners and customer favorites. All month long, you can join in on this milestone... Continue Reading

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Laura Geller on 1341720000

The Scoop on Our Hair Care Brand, Alterna

Last Reply by mtme 1347519300.383 | in Beauty Banter

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a one-hour premiere hair care show at the Q. Why? Because it takes something really special to achieve that honor and Alterna has done it!  With a big show like this, we do extra rehearsals and prep. So, Alterna’s Education Expert, Alberti, and his team came in Thursday to give me the skinny on the brand and teach me about the products. (Alberti is so awesome, I’ve decided he need only to go by his first name, kind of like Cher or Bono. But, I digress.)  I had so much fun playi... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hornback on 1341720000

spa-inspired pampering ideas from your friends at philosophy

Last Reply by Crazychristy 1352305333.677 | in Beauty Banter, philosophy

our love your skin today's special value is all about pampering yourself every day. follow our step-by-step instructions to give yourself a luxurious hand massage. happy at-home spa-ing!!!   what you need: olive oil body scrub, firming body emulsion, and body spritz (all three are included in our tsv)   tip: we suggest reading though all of these steps prior to starting your spa-inspired hand treatment. that way, you don’t have to concentrate as much on the “how-to” instructions during the experience, making it even easier for you t... Continue Reading

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The philosophy blog on 1341547200

You Are What You Eat

Last Reply by KatCat1 1341372162.18 | in Beauty Banter

We've all heard it a thousand times, but it’s true. Eating nutritiously can help improve our skin and hearts. Eating right is important year round; however, fresh fruits and vegetables are especially abundant during the summer. I encourage you to take advantage. I like to spend my warm-weather weekends in the Hamptons visiting farm stands with my family.   Fruits and vegetables of different colors contain different vitamins and antioxidants. For the healthiest skin and body, I advise you to eat produce in a variety of colors. The more, the better. &... Continue Reading

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Dr Dennis Gross on 1341257941.207

Enter Our Super Saturday Sweepstakes!

Last Reply by Zoe Isis 1341323700.603 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Q News

Fond of famous-name designer items for less? Passionate about helping to raise money for ovarian cancer research? Share your story about why you enjoy QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE from the Hamptons. You'll automatically be entered for a chance to win one of three fabulous prize packs from the show. Plus, don't forget to shop for a cause on July 28.   Share your story HERE! No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited.  Must be 18 years or older to enter. Continue Reading

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QVC Community Team on 1341238672.49

Inspired Style is Almost Here- A Video From a Style Expert & Some Updates

Last Reply by purple unicorn 1341506385.247 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hi Ladies! Sorry I haven't written in awhile but I must confess I am having the busiest summer ever.  A lot of it had to do with the move, some of it is the four weddings I have been invited to and the four showers that precede them, but most of it all comes from my very exciting, oh so happy I could scream, Inspired Style show.  So yes that means all the busy comes from a very good thing! It is exactly a month away from the debut of the big show so along with the butterflies in my stomach I'm also getting more and more prepared.  We've been working hard to make sure Inspired S... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1341234361.317

Time to Get Fresh!

Last Reply by abbymay 1342633876.337 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

A few weeks ago, I went to New York to spend the day with Lev Glazman, the co-founder of Fresh. Lev and I had worked together a few times and I was familiar with the Fresh products we present on air, but I didn’t know very much about the brand outside of QVC. Now that we have a one-hour show coming up, it was time to learn more. Lev suggested that we meet in Manhattan at the Fresh store in Union Square. That day, it rained all morning and then turned gray and muggy. However, stepping inside the store was like entering a bright, clean, fragrant utopia. I can only describe it as Fresh. In ... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1341201600

New Neuropeptide Nécolletage TSV

Last Reply by gismyrock 1341184480.287 | in Beauty Banter, Perricone MD, TSV Talk

Your neck can indicate your age. A neck that doesn't appear youthful can exaggerate facial aging and add years to overall appearance. You can hide your face with cosmetic procedures and makeup, but short of wearing a scarf, your neck is always revealed. The neck and décolletage areas are exposed to damaging environmental factors the most, yet they're so often neglected. Therefore, they're one of the first areas to show signs of aging. As we age, a variety of factors, which include weight fluctuations, lifestyle and environmental factors (overexposure to sun and cold weather), the natu... Continue Reading

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Title: The 411 on Neuropeptides

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We’ve all heard of peptides and neuropeptides before. We know they’re some kind of molecule, sound pretty scientific, and are an important component in our antiaging regimen…sounds good so far. Alright, so we’ve decided we need to have peptides in our skin care. But do we know what these complex little miracles really are? I’m lucky to work closely with many of the masterminds and skin-care gurus in the industry, so I thought I'd get the 411 on neuropeptides from one of the iconic innovators who has truly helped revolutionize the industry, Dr. Nicholas Perricone... Continue Reading

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My First Fresh Moments!

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In 1993, Alina and I created a small collection of oval soaps. We wrapped each one by hand with ornate paper, tied it with a delicate wire, and topped it with a semiprecious stone—all while sitting at our kitchen table! The scents were amazing, the formulas were luxurious, and they were the start of Fresh as we know it. We’ve come a long way from our kitchen table, but Alina and I still travel the globe seeking out natural ingredients used in time-honored traditions. Our proprietary Umbrian Clay of Nocera Umbra, Italy has been used in therapeutic treatments since the 6th century B... Continue Reading

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Perricone Products Pack a Punch

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It was 4-1/2 years ago when my skin really started to change for the worse. I was entering pre-menopause and could tell my skin was much drier and was really beginning to show the signs of aging. I noticed I was starting to look older when I looked in the mirror and I wanted to do something different to see if I could slow down the aging process just a bit. I ran into Dana Bledsoe at QVC one day and even though I had presented Dr. Perricone products before with her, I had not tried them personally. I told her my sob story, and right away she said, "You need to try Dr. Perricone's neuropeptide... Continue Reading

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Video Shoots, Hip Moms & a New bareMinerals Fan

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Hey everyone! How’s your summer going? Hope you’re relaxing, having fun, and finding some new favorite bareMinerals products (we had so many new goodies for you in our May shows!). On Facebook, I shared that I’m digging my summer makeup routine: a touch of concealer, a light layer of bareMinerals Matte Foundation, then READY Touchup Mineral Veil (to control any summertime shine), and a layer of READY Skinny Dip Bronzer, which I think is the secret to making my skin look polished and refreshed…try it! My whole routine is so easy, simple, and leaves my face looking flawl... Continue Reading

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