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Behind the scenes with Amy Oselkin from Clarks Footwear

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Hey there shoe lovers!  Lauren here, ready to share some behind-the-scenes prep work for one of our guests here at the Q!   This week I ran into my favorite Clarks guest Amy Oselkin before one of her Clarks Footwear shows.   There is a lot of preparation that goes into a presentation and Amy let me capture her behind-the-scenes routine as she prepared for a day on the air! Take a look:

 Amy Salon

After the glitz and glam, Amy met with show host Carolyn Gracie to review all the items in their Clarks show.

Amy and Carolyn

Next step in Amy’s routine is homework!  What?!  Amy likes to view previous presentations of the shoes she’s about to sell from past shows as a quick refresher of some of her favorite features.  As she says, “You can never be too prepared!”

Amy at computer

Now it’s time to get up close and personal in the QVC green room!  A quick lipstick application and outfit change, and Amy’s looking fabulous for her approaching debut!

Amy lipstick

Amy steaming

Amy picking outfit

Dressed for success, Amy then heads backstage to the QVC model dressing room to preview the shoes for her show.  She always tries on every shoe she’s selling (even in multiple sizes!) before the show so she can speak to each style perfectly!

Amy trying on shoes


10 minutes until we’re on the air - time to get mic’d up!

In her final preparation minutes, Amy sits down to relax and collect her thoughts on her favorite ledge right around the corner from the set.

 Amy studying

Prep routine complete – it’s show time!

 Amy/Carolyn live

Thanks to her thorough preparation, Amy’s show is a success!  Time to unwind with her good friend Leilani Learn from Ryka for some post-show fun:  

 Amy & Leilani

        Amy & Leilani two

Amy’s hard work for the day does not stop when the cameras do, so before she leaves for the day she meets with host Jacque Gonzales about some exciting new items coming in from Clarks.

 Amy & Jacque

At last it’s time for Amy to wrap up her day here at QVC and head back to her home in Manhattan.   Thanks for tagging along and be sure to tune in to the next Clarks show to see Amy in action!

Don't forget to check out Clarks on Facebook at Facebook.com/Clarksforqvc

Until next time shoe lovers,


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humps1374196375.903107 PostsRegistered 6/6/2010

What happened to Anna Lisa?

alert1374205846.773149 PostsRegistered 10/11/2007

Looks like you have so much fun... along with great preparation. That makes a successful presentation, which you always seem to have.... or do I just love the shoes?

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