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Gem Day

Last Reply by Rose Princess 1432091386.04 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity

Have you ever heard of Cleopatra’s famous Emeralds? What most people don’t know is that many of them were really Peridot! They were actually extremely fine Peridot from the legendary mines on St. John’s Island (Zabargad) in Egypt.  This is believed to be the oldest site for P... Continue Reading

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Last Reply by Peyton Kelley 1429633660.193 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity

Jennifer Coffey recently reached out to me about writing a blog on diamonds.  She asked me some great questions and I started thinking about my past and why diamonds were important to me.  They have played a major role in my business and personal life and I realized that I had never writ... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1384491600

Sometimes early holiday presents are the best...

In Jewelry Talk, Affinity

I'm getting an early gift on November 19th! I'm hosting two hours of Affinity Diamonds at 1am, and will be joined by QVC's resident graduate gemologist Peyton Kelley for the first time in an Affinity show! I always enjoy his wealth of knowledge when talking about our colored gems and Global Artisa... Continue Reading

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Jennifer Coffey on 1384456499.38

Gem Day – Dreams Within Reach

Last Reply by kimicub 1386999011.83 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity, Hosts & Personalities

What do you dream of? What would make those dreams come true for you? For gem lovers, those dreams may be to own a rare gemstone created by nature and kept hidden, for thousands of years (or millions in some cases) deep beneath the surface of the earth or the sea. For jewelry and accessory lovers, those dreams may be finding the perfect piece to go with a variety of outfits and to express their signature sense of style. For others, it may be to be able to give someone special a beautiful memento to commemorate a meaningful milestone or an important time of life. If any of these dreams sound li... Continue Reading

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Last Reply by StrollerGirl 1370058078.57 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity

Can you believe we’re already on the last weeks of April? Were you one of the 100s of people who entered our contest and told us what you loved about Diamonds and the Affinity Diamond brand? If so, I want to take a moment to thank each of you for the beautiful messages, lovely sentiments, ama... Continue Reading

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The Power of a Diamond

Last Reply by Lady_J_2008 1366381525.077 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity

Have you ever wondered why diamonds are the gemstone commemorating April, the first month of spring? What about the meaning of a diamond in an engagement ring or important gift of love? Diamonds are symbolic of endurance and renewal, of rarity, strength and transformation. What begins its life as a ... Continue Reading

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Tell Us What You Love about Affinity Diamond Jewelry

Last Reply by seeyalatter 1385935842.04 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity

  Share your story by simply replying to this blog. Continue Reading

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The Return of my Affinity Angel Wing Ring!!!

Last Reply by dansey 1362279865.437 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity, Hosts & Personalities

I have loved Angels my entire life.  There’s something so wonderfully loving about them. To know that we’re never alone – that we always have our angels with us.  I read a book once that said that the little voice of intuition in our heads are actually our angels talking to us…and that we should listen more carefully. I always listen to that inner voice or gut feeling.  Have you even been driving and you keep getting behind all the slow drivers, every light turns red, or people keep pulling in front of you forcing you to slow dow... Continue Reading

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Jacque Gonzales on 1333730598.987

The Many Facets of a Diamond

Last Reply by chouchouz 1366980166.917 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity, Hosts & Personalities

What comes to mind when you hear the word "diamond"? Does it conjure up images of glamorous starlets? Do you think of engagements and weddings? Do you remember a family heirloom worn by your grandmother? Does the word make you think "rare and valuable"? Does a diamond remind you of someone special who was born in April? Known as the "King of Gems” and once believed to be fragments of stars that had fallen to earth, diamonds can have many facets and a variety of metaphorical meanings.   People who love to complement their style with diamond jewelry also have many facets. ... Continue Reading

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Michael O'Connor on 1333039331.827

Can I Make a Statement?

Last Reply by Shells Bells 1331993318.487 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity, Hosts & Personalities

Every day, we all make a statement. What do you want your statement to be? Each morning as we get dressed for the day, often unknowingly, we create a statement to the outside world about who we are and the way we wish others to view us. This statement is created through our style choices.  Do we want to be perceived as flashy or elegant, bold or wallflower, fashionable or dowdy? Often when I help celebrities this question comes up. I often ask them about the statement they wish to make. Granted, in the awards show world of borrowed jewelry and borrowed gowns making a statement can someti... Continue Reading

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Last Reply by chumietoo 1325631367.29 | in Jewelry Talk, Affinity, Hosts & Personalities

Did you ever see a movie, a play or a baseball game that left you feeling an incredible euphoric high? Well high is what I’m feeling right now! It’s not simply because I’m writing this article from 38,000 feet in the air on a flight back from Zurich. It’s because I’m so thrilled to share with you the hottest trends that I’ve just experienced at the Basel Jewelry Fair! Truth is though, that if you’ve been watching QVC jewelry shows, you may have seen some of these trends already emerging. The reason is the amazing QVC jewelry buying team, who I’... Continue Reading

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