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ATTN Ladies! I need your honest feedback!

Posted by Jacque Gonzales 1354901454.273

Ladies - I need your honest feedback!

What are the trouble areas on your body?  Bust, hips, stomach, thighs, arms, rear, etc?

Tell me everything!  The more I know - the more I'll be able to help you in January - when we debut my new show - "Flatter Your Figure with Jacque"!  Monday, January 14th!!!

I have plenty of figure issues to deal with myself - weight gain, bust, stomach, thighs!

AND - what questions do you have about your own figure issues, about shapewear, bras or about any accessories to help you "Flatter Your Figure"!  Let me know!  I'd love to answer some on air during my show!

Thank you all so much!  I can hardly wait!!!  The more you share - the better the show will be!

Best wishes and blessings!

Jacque G.

You can find me on Facebook at:  www.facebook.com/jacqueqvc

And on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/jacquegonzales


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luvsswsuns­ets1355558972.8571 PostsRegistered 12/15/2012

It seems to me that the pants on the Q are made for pear shape people and none for apple shape people. I have a small bust and large waist, with slim arms, thighs, and legs. I'm plus size and the tops are always too large in bust area and frequently the arm area also. Need more jeans in bootcut leggings that are larger in waist area and smaller in thigh and leg area. Can't wait for your show! I'm from Alamogordo, NM, luv ya!Wink

Kizzycat1355602024.1576 PostsRegistered 7/8/2010

I love this concept for a show! I would be very interested in pants that hide your tummy, or stretch and are comfortable. I am always searching for the perfect jeans. I love Women With Control.

Other ideas are comfortable athletic clothes for an active, but not razor thin women.

I'm always searching for a great bra. I'm not a fan of Breezies (sorry..) - too scratchy for me. I'd love to see some other options available.

Looking forward to it..!

happywenner1355618823.43713 PostsRegistered 6/27/2008

Problem area is my bust- now that I am a fuller figure and am trying to get back in shape, I find my bust gets in my way with Yoga, and my belly also!!

finding a comfortable sports bra that is not up to my neck is also an issue!

thanks Jacque!!


sunshine451355956214.59745582 PostsRegistered 1/13/2007east coast and west coast

hips for me...... i really have a true pear shaped figure. cannot stand pockets on most of my pants, except for jeans..... and even on jeans they have to be perfectly placed.

Improve time in the present; for opportunity is precious, and time is a sword. -- SAADI

beautybee1355960768.5471221 PostsRegistered 1/11/2012

Congratulations on your new show! Shapewear is great and I would also like to see different exercise programs featured as well as healthy eating information. This could include food and kitchen gadgets to make it easier to cook healthy. I would also like to see some fitness wear segments. I have an hourglass figure, with more sand on the bottom. Lol! I work out to fitness dvds at home and I feel it's helped me to lose inches and feel stronger.

Last edited on 12/19/2012

shopper181356005181.86716 PostsRegistered 5/30/2011

Hi Jackie,

This new program you are hosting is for "every woman", who doesn't need or want the inconvenience of "Spanx". My problem is my "stomach". I am still the same size, but as I tell everyone when I can't get into my pants "the cargo, has come into port" and not at the right "docking sight". The problem is "most pants have elastic waste bands so most women are unable to see the shift in their bodies until they try to put on one with a zippor and by then it's panic and horror when they have to go someplace.

Also the upper arms. I have difficulty with shirts and jackets, the body fits but the arms are made for women with "twig arms", not branches. That's why I prefer "liquid knits" Much success, please try to put this show on when most of us can watch!!!!!

<br />

dulwich1356023788.61794 PostsRegistered 1/18/2012

I see from voting majority stomach is problem area - but there are some of us with hip and thigh problems - if pants fit hips - really baggy at waist. Wish someone would take time to advise how to dress for small waist and bust but larger hips & thighs. Most problems seem to be in tummy area so it always seems to be a-line tunics and baggy tops - lots of advise out there for "muffin tops" etc but not too much for the rest of us - HELP please.

shoppingba­be1356105847.47786 PostsRegistered 11/8/2006

Hi Jacque! Congrats on your new show! Can't wait to see what ideas you have for us ladies. I am 51 my problem areas are my stomach #1 and my upper arms. I don't like to wear dress pants or jeans because I always have a muffin top. I like to wear elastic waste pants and tunics to try and hide my flaws. Yes, I know I need to exercise, but with work etc I find little time. I am hoping 2013 will be a better year!!! Good luck Jacque, looking forward to your new show. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

qusan1356305394.55771 PostsRegistered 7/2/2008

need petite sizes- 2X that are 2Xand short but that do not come up to your bra in order to fi t right in the crotch. My stomach is a problem but just because its 2x does not mean 2x in length- thanks/

esgnannie1356539600.44789 PostsRegistered 6/17/2007Virginia

So looking forward to your new show!!

Would love to know how to find a bra that really fits and gives good uplift support without riding up in back when moving around. (Breezies didn't work for me; may have chosen wrong size.)

Also, would like to find flattering pants for a large "caboose". (I buy elastic pants to accommodate my smaller waist and larger bottom.)

We fuller figured ladies have problems finding clothes to make us look smaller. Love the basic tops/bottoms that are essentials to outfits.

We all look forward to how you can help us!! We will certainly be watching!!

Dawna3611357578886.641 PostsRegistered 11/22/2011

I Have a large bust and stomach! I have always been top heavy. I can never buy sets. Glad you are getting your own show its about time you are great! Love watching you!

Nancy Pants1357594564.5437 PostsRegistered 3/29/2011

I have so many problem areas there may not be enough hours on the show! I'm a petite woman who hasn't responded well to Menopause. I've gained at least 25 pounds which is not flattering for my small frame. I travel for my job and need to dress professionally, yet comfortably on planes, trains, and automobiles. Helpful hints for minimizing my bust, hips, and thighs would be greatly appreciated.

I've tried shapers but they're all so uncomfortable that I end up not wearing them at all or ripping them off a few hours into the day.

HELP me Jacque!!!!!!!!!!!!

montanagirl1357615787.0411 PostsRegistered 5/29/2011

Mine is an unusual situation. I am full-busted and have a large vertical hernia from just below my waistline up to just below my bust. So while empire-waistlines help most women with tummy issues, they truly make me look pregnant. I've been told it is too large for surgery so that's out. Find myself slouching my shoulders forward to hide it but then purse straps and bra straps fall down all the time! For cryin' in a bucket, there has to be something I can wear!

Thanks for the opportunity Jacque. I discovered that the modern waist jeans helped with waistline fits. Really disappointed that Denim & Co discontinued A45113. Best jeans ever! Good luck with the new show!

carol lyn1357619695.76749 PostsRegistered 6/26/2010

MY arms are my problem area i lost a lot of weight so i have alot of loose skin, i have to wear 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves[winter] as some times the elbow sleeves don't work very well

carol lyn135761969749 PostsRegistered 6/26/2010

MY arms are my problem area i lost a lot of weight so i have alot of loose skin, i have to wear 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves[winter] as some times the elbow sleeves don't work very well

SueMacc1357643026.84325 PostsRegistered 11/24/2010
I can't wait to watch your show! I always carry about 10-20 extra pounds but have never had too hard a time finding clothes because I am pretty proportional. 2 c-sections later, I fell like my waist is a little lost and I am ALWAYS grabbing for longer shirts that cover the rear. I also find that my jeans all drive me nuts now. They still fit (mostly), but always sag when I am on the floor with the kids etc. and I am constantly pulling them back up over the love handles and the rear. Maybe I need a higher waist or something? I am a stay at home mom, so looking for things that camouflage and look nice, but are not too dressy and wash well. Can't wait to see your show!!

Bonnie8111357694532.9378 PostsRegistered 3/16/2009

I have no waist and very thick torso (ie. extreme love handles that I don't love). I look square without a defined waist and would like more than large tops that have no shape.

Samdog1357875495.1811 PostsRegistered 1/25/2009
Love you and looking forward to your new show! You are a girl with curves and look great. Would you take a minute a tell what charcoal jacket you were wearing 1/10--so flattering. Thanks for info.

lynrf1358051336.8632 PostsRegistered 1/12/2013
Bra help!! Support for BIG gals!!

bigsalad1358051783.743 PostsRegistered 6/23/2010
I would love a bra that holds everything up, smooths the back without losing support in front, does not create underarm overhang.....& is sexy!; not just a lace panel sewn on or another animal print. Something with a little plunge. Too much to ask for? Impossible? Why do I feel like my childhood wish for a unicorn will happen first? Oh yeah, something for the under-eye crepe.

Stock781358052169.0634 PostsRegistered 1/12/2013
Congrats on your new show. I would like to know what length top is best for a plus size woman who's 5'3"? The new tunic lengths seem to make my legs look very short. I'm pear-shaped & the tops are large in the neck & shoulders if they fit in the hips. Thanks, Jacque!! Last edited on 1/12/2013

Last edited on 1/12/2013

Gerri S1358217099.987135 PostsRegistered 8/19/2005Eastern End of Long Island, NY


PERSONALLY I AM INTERESTED IN A CAMI-TYPE BRA.....one THAT KIND OF PULLS IN THE MIDRIFF......i've seen advertisements for the new GENIE cami (?)....tried breezies/fleezees...but product didn't make it through 2 washes.....So Sorry but the underwire stitches just popped out, and the underwire followed! Waste of money and sooooo disappointed, learned my lesson.

Keeping us informed is a tribute so all of us, please know that we are faithfully watching and thank you, Gerri S.

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