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Posted by QVC Studio Tours 1262624475
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lauramac12626805315249 PostsRegistered 6/2/2009Okeechobee, FL
I would like to say that the ladies of your How do you BE forum would like to know if we can have a live studio audience with Leslie Blodgett as she presents Bare Escentuals. I know for a fact we can fill the 130 seats. Can you let me know if this can be done? I sent an email to Lisa Robertson and thought I would send one to you, too. Thank you and will be awaiting a response.

BE woman since 2006, now I'm 50 years young, highlighted blonde hair (trying to hide grey), blue eyes, light freckles.

stylishmav­en1278617484.477590 PostsRegistered 4/14/2010

Many loyal Linea and Louis Dell'Olio followers have expressed the desire for a Linea "Live Audience" show. Louis' line is expanding, and his fall shows start Sept. 30th, I've been informed. There are several threads discussing this. I know having an audience would certainly not be a problem. We have begun contacting QVC customer service, corporate, several hosts, as well as Louis, himself. He would be delighted. Please inform me of a decision, so I can inform all of Louis' followers.

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