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Preparing for Thanksgiving. We're Starting with Dessert!

Posted by David Venable 1321047262.653
Hello, foodies…
Happy Veterans Day! I hope you all spend a few moments today and this weekend remembering the sacrifices so many men and women have made for our country. Be sure to fly your flag high! With every day that passes, we get that much closer to Thanksgiving and the happy holiday season. So, for the next two In the Kitchen with David shows, we’re going to help you prepare for Turkey Day. Whether this is your first time cooking or your 100th time behind the stove, we’ve got some great ideas to keep your stress level low and your spirits high. It all starts — with dessert first — on Sunday at Noon ET.
Cookbook Corner” this Sunday features two books. The first is Michele’s Pies (F09541) by Michele Stuart, a 26-time National Pie Championship winner! In her 204-page cookbook, she shares the recipes for her award-winners as well as other taste bud-tempters like Boston Cream, Chocolate Raspberry, and Maple Pumpkin Pie with a Pecan Streusel. There are also savory pies in here, too, like Individual Chicken Pot Pies and Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche. This fantastic book comes to you for less than $19. Be sure to get your copy! Our second book is from our friend Bob Warden. It’s his brand-new pressure cooking cookbook Great Food Fast (F09631). Along with 130 brand-new recipes, Bob has time charts to make pressure cooking even easier. Order your Advance Order copy today. It ships to you on 12/9…just in time for the holiday. What a great gift it would make with a pressure cooker!
David’s Recipe” this Sunday is a perfect complement to Michele Stuart’s pie book! We’re making my Mini Pumpkin Chiffon Pies. These are little individual-sized pieces of heaven we’re making in the Technique® Nonstick 12-cup Square Muffin Pan (K19286). You won’t believe how light and refreshing these are! There’s no better way to finish off a heavy Thanksgiving meal. The filling is made of vanilla pudding and all those familiar pumpkin pie spices. And the crust you can buy pre-made! Just follow the baking directions in the recipe on QVC.com. They’ll be beautiful…and delicious!
“Food for Thought” this week talks about making your own pumpkin purée for my recipe or your classic recipe. Now, I know what you’re thinking…you need ideas on how to make Thanksgiving easier, not harder! But, you can freeze fresh pumpkin for up to one year. And, when you use it in your recipe, you WILL taste the difference. So, head to the market now before the busyness really begins and look for a pumpkin specifically grown for eating, like a cheese, milk, or sugar. (Those jack-o-lantern pumpkins won’t work!) The one you choose should be small, firm, and about 2 4 lbs. You can usually expect to get 1 cup of puree per pound. After it’s washed, boil, steam, or pressure-cook your pumpkin until the flesh is tender. Then, remove the rind and mash the flesh into a puree. Freeze your pumpkin in air-tight bags or containers until you’re ready to bake. If you have extra purée, keep it in the freezer till next year.
Here’s your blog question this week. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert? Is it apple cake, bread pudding, or is it a delicious pumpkin pie? I’m always grateful for the replies and comments you all provide. And, I’ll be especially thankful for your thoughts this week! See you Sunday at Noon ET!
Keep it flavorful!
P.S. Have you been watching Chef Anne Burrell on The Next Iron Chef Super Chefs? If so, you may have seen another familiar face. Chef Michael Chiarello is also competing for the Iron Chef title and he’s one of the chefs I interviewed at the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen! In this video, we talk about food and wine pairings. He’s got an interesting approach and great advice. Enjoy.

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Mrs Chris P1321051933.72116 PostsRegistered 10/7/2011

Hi there!! I hope your birthday week has gone well so far...Happy Birthday for tomorrow!! My favorite dessert after our Thanksgiving meal is a piece of homemade pecan pie. I love pecan pies and pecans in general. I am looking forward to cookbook corner, especially when you mentioned maple pumpkin pie with a pecan streusel. Yum!! :)

goocharoo1321052064.727545 PostsRegistered 8/13/2006illinois

Hi David! Sure looking forward to Gobble Day! As for our Desserts: Ed & I have begun a tradition: Making homemade Apple & a Pumpkin Pie. Ed wants to try a recipe he saw in Food & Wine: a Pumpkin topped w/Cranberry pie & I want to try a Dutch Apple (altered of course!) Can't wait & I AM THANKFUL FOR WHAT I HAVE!!!!! Have a terrific Show!

BrandyC1321054328.77247 PostsRegistered 9/20/2009

Hi David,

Posted on FB, but will post here too. Family's favorite is chocolate pudding pie. Along with that is the apple/walnut pie that I make. When the boys were young, I could have made 10 chocolate pudding pies and they still would have fought over them. To this day, they still have to have it at Thanksgiving time, and so do the grandchildren. The simplest things sometimes are the very best.

BTW, love the RR dishes. Bought 2 sets for me and 1 for my son.

See you Sunday.....{#emotions_dlg.wub}

Taxicab1321057305.2996 PostsRegistered 6/25/2010Oregon

Happy Birthday!

Pecan is my favorite pie, but I usually only get Mincemeat at the Holidays. I prefer the "box" version of the national brand so I can add a little here, fancy it up a little there to make it seem fresh and more to my taste. Yummy!

Geniebeanie1321058929.093303 PostsRegistered 5/11/2010

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream topping. So tasty and delicious.

boardtotea­rs132106472532 PostsRegistered 1/23/2005

hi dave

homemade apple pie,i also love cherry pie.happy birthday to you on saturday

Pam from S­tanwood1321067564.07233 PostsRegistered 6/27/2010

Happy Birthday week/day before actual day...

I have to admit to apple pie or apple cranberry pie for myself. My husband likes about 1 or 2 small pieces of pumpkin pie with whipped cream over the whole of Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mom wants pecan pie.

beccaod1321070997.811 PostsRegistered 11/25/2010

One of my favorite desserts for Thanksgiving is Fresh Cranberry Pie. I make it with a walnut struesel topping and it is delicious. It is a favorite of many!

Have a great day!

PegC1321100991.303129 PostsRegistered 7/25/2010

My favorite is Paula Deen's Pumpkin Bars. We will also have Pumpkin and Apple pies too.

iluv2shopQ­VC1321104291.1835 PostsRegistered 10/23/2011

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin} HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!! I could not wait for this day. I watch you every Saturday morning and all your In the Kitchen w/David shows (Sun and Wed). I hope you had wonderful b-day week and that you are blessed with many more to come. I love your personality. Keep being yourself.

iluv2shopQ­VC1321104432.4075 PostsRegistered 10/23/2011

Well because I am from Southeast Texas, of course we love Sweet Potato Pie.

Chalees1321110416.3831 PostsRegistered 11/12/2011

Happy Birthday You're the best Hope you have a wonderful day

HolidayDec­orGal1321111960.962 PostsRegistered 8/3/2011

Happy Birthday David! I hope it's great. It's my birthday today too{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}. As for Thanksgiving dessert, we don't normally make pies. Instead, every year for Thanksgiving I make an ooey gooey chewey caramel cashew bar. It's delicious.

littlewisk1321117824.47732 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004currenty Palm Bch Gdns, FL

Happy Veterans Day weekend David! Our family favorite dessert for thanksgiving is my home made Pumpkin Pie with vanilla bean ice cream AND whippy cream! I use the real deal when it comes to the pumpkin too! I cut our pumpkins in half, clean them out and place them flesh side down on a cookie sheet with parchment paper on it. Then I roast it at 350* until it is soft when "poked" with a fork. This is usually about an hour. Let it cool on the cookie sheet on your cooling rack, then scrape the pumpkin from the skin. It is better if the skin has even started to get real brown during the roasting, this makes the pumpkin richer in flavor. Then you can mash it with a fork or put it in the food processor with your other ingredients for the pie, blend, pour into your prepared pie shell and bake as usual. It is the most delicious pumpkin pie you will have ever tasted. Don't be afraid of your brown & white sugars or your vanilla & spices!!!!!! Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin} {#emotions_dlg.thumbup} {#emotions_dlg.tt1}

Kathy Adinolfe, Peachtree City, GA

brentswife1321118172.50722 PostsRegistered 4/27/2008

Hey David Happy Apple Pie Day! Hope your special day is as sweet as you are. Can't wait to watch ITKWD tomorrow......enjoying Sat morning with you and Shawn today. The two of you are a pair!

Your Q friend Bonnie

conniekris­chik1321119325.326 PostsRegistered 10/15/2010

{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}Happy Birthday David. Enjoy your special day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

annaham1321120896.6273 PostsRegistered 11/21/2010

Happy Birthday David from one scorpio to another enjoy your day!!!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

Benbob1321122110.00323 PostsRegistered 6/20/2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID, we watch you every Sunday and Wednesday and truly enjoy you and your show. Hope this is the best birthday ever. Bought the LG tv 55" and it is just the best also bought the lg blue ray player.

Answer to your question it has to be pumpkin pie and whipped toping. YUM! YUM!

music is l­ife1321127712.93397 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

Happy Birthday, David. You are the greatest! My favorite Thanksgiving food is definitely the Pumpkin Pie!! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

love my da­vid1321131522.24294 PostsRegistered 6/13/2010

{#emotions_dlg.tt1} I love sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie with whipped topping, and

apple/sweet potato/cranberry desert topped with brown sugar and nuts. {#emotions_dlg.sleep}


JudyH In AZ1321138421.30330 PostsRegistered 8/28/2010

Happy Birthday, David!

I am making a Chocolate Pecan Pie this year. Since there will be only 6 of us friends gathering, I wanted to make something traditional, yet a bit special just for them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Looking forward to Sunday's show. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

GmaGilley1321139206.9416 PostsRegistered 9/12/2010

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin} HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!!!!!!! Hoping your day is all what you that you imagined!!!!!! Our favorite holiday pie would have to be our chocolate pudding pie!!!YUM!!!! My three children and my 7 grandchildren all ask for this pie at all holidays even if I make a different dessert this goes first!!!!!!

cajungarde­ner1321139636.111 PostsRegistered 11/12/2011

Hope You Have a Wonderful and Blessed Birthday

Jibs1321143087.72720 PostsRegistered 11/25/2010

Happy Birthday.

Love your shows...It would not be Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie....

luvlabs1321149138.5875 PostsRegistered 11/11/2007

I love pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

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