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Big Bonanza Silver Sale

Posted by Peyton Kelley 1330121907.247

We are just back from the famous Gem Show in Tucson and can’t wait for you to see all the new gemstones we discovered!  Over the next few months, please stay tuned for many WOW’s.  It takes a few months to really bring these finds to you because we have to make sure that the quantity and quality are what you expect, design the jewelry to complement the stones, and then manufacture the different styles.

I just saw the entire layout of merchandise for the upcoming 24th Anniversary Big Bonanza Silver Sale and there are so many fabulous pieces!  You will be taken on a tour of the finest silver from around the world including Italy and Israel.  Throughout the day, keep on the lookout for a few very special Artisan-Crafted pieces, incredible new looks from Or Paz and VicenzaSilver, and new bold statement sterling pieces.

I have to mention a few of my favorites.  The first-ever bracelet watch from Ecclissi (J266630) in 18K rose gold-plated or sterling is fabulous.

For the first time, there is a reversible omega necklace from UltraFine (J266588).  The brand new UltraFine chain is beautiful and will surely become an everyday classic.

I also have to tell you about the gorgeous Artisan-Crafted Mabe pearl earrings (J266815).  The pearls are extremely lustrous and an unbelievable 13.5 mm. 







One of my favorite stones, Labradorite, is in a beautiful pendant (J262707) from VicenzaSilver, that only the Italians could produce.








Here's a quick note about the history behind Bonanza.  March 1, 2012 is the 155th anniversary of the discovery of the richest silver strike in North America, the Comstock Lode.  It was found in Virginia City, Nevada and was so enormous, it helped make silver more affordable for the world.  At QVC, this is a day-long celebration of all new, all specially-priced sterling silver jewelry.

It is estimated that the Comstock Lode produced over $400 million of gold and silver, the greatest single mineral strike in history.  The early miners were only concerned with gold, and didn't realize that the blue stuff that interfered with their search for gold was not sand or lead, but silver.  It was only after a miner sent a sample to California for testing did they find out it was pure silver.  The Comstock Lode was named for Henry T P Comstock who bluffed his way into a partnership with the two Irishmen who actually discovered the claim.  Comstock's nickname was Old Pancake because supposedly, he was too lazy to make bread.

To my Ripkanista Friends:  I met with Judith last week and saw the magnificent final sketch for the April surprise.  WOWWEE!!!

K9Meow, I hope you found lots of great pieces during Carolyn's recent visit on February 14th.  She is so talented and sweet.

Passerby, Thanks for the kind words.  I had my review a few days ago, and I  made sure that my boss knows that.

Autumnsunset, I just spoke with Allison, the buyer, and she said it will be on order for the August show.

Dodger Lady, I met with Christy, the buyer, and she is going to discuss this with Danny and Hagit.  We love the idea.

LKauf, Bhavesh is so talented and a wonderful person.  He is working on more pieces for 2012 and beyond.

I am currently in Thailand and then off to Nepal, but I'll return to the States on February 29th, and then I'm off again, but this time, to Louisiana to celebrate my mother’s 88th birthday.

Take care,


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Pepper221330413900.14712247 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007small town, Ohio

Dear Peyton, thank you for the many previews of upcoming beautiful jewelry pieces. I love jewelry of all kinds! I'm looking forward to Judith Ripka's upcoming visits. And also to the Big Bonanza Silver Day.

Its funny that you mention Nepal. My son and his good friend are traveling there next month for a pre-wedding trip. They are both engaged to fine understanding women!

Please tell your dear Mother birthday wishes from me. May you all enjoy a beautiful day of celebrating her 88th birthday.

Prayers for safe travels.

Take care, Carolyn

donnaluby1330465838.461298 PostsRegistered 4/12/2009boca raton, fl

Hi Peyton - looking forward to the Big Bonanza Silver show and seeing new gems and all the new items. Also look forward to the big surprise from Judith! Thank you for the previews of what's coming up.

jGalt1330544780.891691 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Texas

I love watching Peyton on air. Don't stay in the background, Peyton, you add a great deal to the on air presentations.

Mr clean1331220399.6931 PostsRegistered 3/8/2012New York

Old Pancake! I love that. I wish I could be that lazy, but I've never been a Bluffer! I hope your well Peyton. Jared

summerof721331989319.17730 PostsRegistered 6/26/2010

Hi Peyton ! Just a note to you,I purchased the Barbara Bixby carnelian,and turquoise heart pendant/enhancer,I am so happy it became available again.Please ask Barbara to keep that item in her inventory,I feel that this piece is "iconic" Bixby along with several other pieces. I also wanted to ask you to offer more sizes in item number j28121 artisan crafted ring from Mexico. It's only offered in size 6.I love all the Artisan crafted jewelry shows,and feel that there are not enough "Silver Style' shows,or Artisan Crafted Shows.Please bring back more jewelry shows,even if I don't buy all the time I love stories behind the jewelry,and how it's made. Thank you for your hard work,and replying to all our requests.Have a wonderful SpringTime !

wishd4it1332692598.10313819 PostsRegistered 8/11/2007NC

Peyton, thank you for your wonderful blog. I look forward to reading it.

Can you give us any more clues to the Judith Ripka Smithsonian piece? :) We know it has to do with Cherry Blossoms! Necklace, Cuff, ERs? :)

Congrats on your Mom's birthday. May she be with you for many more years.

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