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Priscilla Presley is coming back to QVC!

Posted by Jacque Gonzales 1300376989.05

Priscilla Presley is coming back to QVC with her beautiful jewelry collection this week!!!  Yes, THE Priscilla Presley - wife to Elvis and mother to Lisa Marie!

Mark it on your calendar - March 18th at 1am Eastern!

I am so excited to work with her again!  She is so sweet and passionate about her collection!

Priscilla combines her love of fine jewelry with her Rock & Roll background to create pieces that reflect her lifestyle.

We'll be introducing brand new designs along with the return of the pieces that sold out quickly in her debut show.

Yes...The Priscilla Presley Enamel & Crystal Maltese Cross Band Ring is back!  BUT...you'll have to tune in to see the new color combination...and a brand new piece designed to match the ring!   

To see a few more things from Priscilla - click here.  But to see her NEW pieces - you'll have to tune in to our show!

QUESTION:  If you could ask Priscilla anything....what would you ask her??  Maybe I'll ask her one of your questions!

I'll see you March 18th at 1am Eastern with PRISCILLA PRESLEY'S JEWELRY COLLECTION!

Best wishes and blessings,

Jacque G. :)

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