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Joan and David spend Turkey Day in New York City!

Posted by David Dangle 1290523122.08


Joan, everyone is so excited about whats going on this week with you! Fill us all in on what’s happening.


Well, as you all might have figured out from my clues in last week’s blog, I am riding on top of a float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, right here in New York City! Melissa and Cooper will be on the float with me and they are so excited!

I am playing The Snow Queen (hold all your snickers, thank you very much!)  I snapped this picture during the fitting. Do you think I need a belt??

Joan as Ice Queen

And Melissa is the Snow Princess:

Melissa Rivers as Snow Princess

The entire day should be so much fun. When they called and asked me to be in the parade, my first thought was: tie some ropes around me, move Snoopy out of the way, and float me down Broadway! (OK, I was having an “I feeling fat” day!) But they said I was actually the QUEEN of the parade and I thought: that works for me! I get to put on a gorgeous dress and wear a crown and carry a scepter.  Life is good!


I can’t wait. I will have a house full of adults and children and we’ll all be watching you.  I know that you, Cooper and Missy all volunteer for God’s Love We Deliver every Thanksgiving, so you have a busy schedule. So, how many for dinner?


About 18 and they’re all friends and family. It’s really one of my favorite holidays. Actually, I love it so much, I do it twice! Thanksgiving night, Missy and Cooper and I all head up to our place in Connecticut and do the whole thing again on Friday! I’ll be sure to take some pictures and post them next week.

Joan's Connecticut Home

(Above, Joan at her Connecticut Home)

You know David, we all have so much to be thankful for. On this day, it’s so important to remember those less fortunate than we are. Our country is going through a tough time right now and I think we all have to hang in there and help one another.


Very well put, Joan.


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toadyhead1291159107.4272 PostsRegistered 11/7/2010

Hi Joan and gang,

You could not be more right. I know that I have a lot to be thankful for. If I am in the frame of mind that I have despair, I remember just how generous God has been to me.I really think that I was born to the absolute best people in the world of all time, who are now with God. I also believe that I am married to the best man alive in the world. I have been further blessed with wonderful sisters (especially one) that I am so thankful for having in my life. I am what is considered the working poor in this country and I could not be happier. How many people in the world that are considered their country's working poor can say that? Speaking of work, I wear your long lucite bead necklace (the one that you said the beads look like dreidels), almost everyday. I have found that the fushia color is a sort of neutral because it goes with everything: black, brown, dark patterned shirts and when it went on clearance I was able to get one for myself and I love it. From what I know of you from: QVC, "A Piece of Work", "Celebrity Apprentice", etc. I admire you for being such a strong, interesting, hysterically funny and good person.

P.S. Beautifully winter queen and princess costumes. You and your daughter look beautiful.

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