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Posted by Christine - HP Expert 1277751353.123

HP Advisor is a great tool that is pre-loaded on all of our Notebooks and Desktops. If you are not familiar with this great tool, go to your PC, click on START and follow this path ALL PROGRAMS-> HEWLETT PACKARD-> HP ADVISOR.

From this application you can launch your PC Dashboard which gives you a quick look into the following;

  • Security --Security offers access to critical information from Norton Internet Security, if installed, or from Windows software, firewall, and security. HP recommends setting the firewall and Internet security options to On .
  • Internet Connection--The Internet Connection tool can help find a broadband or dialup package from an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and assist in setting up and monitoring an Internet connection
  • Printers--The Printers tool allows you to manage and monitor your printers. This tool also provides information about printer supplies, such as ink cartridges and HP photo paper.
  • Back Up--Use the Backup tool to set up a backup schedule, and check when the system and your important files were last backed up.
  • PC Alerts--PC Alerts provides critical and suggested updates for drivers, BIOS, and some software.
  • Battery Life--The Battery tool provides information about the condition and life of your battery. If your battery is in good condition, the battery icon is green; if the battery is in poor condition, the battery will be red. The percentage in the center of the battery icon is the amount of power that remains in your battery.
  • System Storage--System Storage provides at-a-glance status of drive storage on the computer. If a status bar shows red, you must remove files from the drive partition to make more space available.
  • Warranty --The Warranty tool connects to HP warranty information on the Web, and can take you directly to HP Total Care for warranty services.
  • PC Help & Learn--PC Help & Learn (Vista only) opens HP Help and Support with access to system information, tutorials, troubleshooting tools, software, drivers, and BIOS updates, system recovery, and user guides
  • Get Assistance--Get Assistance (Vista only) provides access to HP Online Support and the HP customer support forums.
  • Get Help & Troubleshoot--Support (Windows 7 only) opens HP Help and Support and provides access to HP Online Support and the HP customer support forums.


If you have not familiarized yourself with this great tool, I highly recommend you do so. There is so much great information that can easily be accessed from this one spot!

Thanks Everyone and Enjoy!


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wnoah1279127001.627 PostsRegistered 5/31/2010

Christine, I enjoy your presentation so much! You do such a great job explaining for an average computer user like me! {#emotions_dlg.blink} I am interested in purchasing a new laptop for my hubby. What do I need to do to transfer all his info to a new laptop? TKS So much!

Wanda in NC

Skippers M­om1279807429.765 PostsRegistered 7/22/2010
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bigh341281085185.5934 PostsRegistered 8/6/2010

Christine, can you advise me if HP has finally laid to rest their overheating issues with their laptops. This was alledgedly created by HP'S heat flow direction, and most of all the nvidea video chipset on thousands of their laptops. This action led to thousands of motherboards being fried. My dv9205us was a casulty of this. It was a nightmare for me and thousands of HP customers, which later led to a class action lawsuit against HP. Reason asking, my wife is a die-hard HP fan, but our 18 month, $1000.00 laptop being fried, which was no wrong doing on our part, has left a bad taste in our mouths. We are at this moment comptemplating on buying another laptop, but are shying away from the HP brand. So, are the issues above with HP's laptops been dissolved, and how?

Foreclose1281669302.571 PostsRegistered 8/12/2010

I am looking at the T.V. on 8/12/2010 at 11:00 PM. You are trying to tell more about this computer but the Host won't give you a chance to talk. Next time you are showing a computer tell him to stay home. QVC would sell more computers if he would let you talk.

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Katwoman71282632107.3757 PostsRegistered 8/7/2010Texas

Christine, on the recent TSV laptop the G72, the battery life was stated as 5 hours, I do understand it would highly depend on what you are doing with it. But I only had one program up and running and it ran down in 1 hour 15 minutes, 3 times in a row. I know this isn't right. Also some of the preinstalled software that was scrolling by in some of your presentations showed this laptop having Family Linage, Cookbook, Scrap booking, top Board games, etc... but none of them are on this PC. When I called QVC they said, well then send it back, not the answer I would have liked to hear. I was told that 3 times in same conversation. I would just like the battery issue and the missing software issue solved and if so, keep the PC, otherwise it is fine, But would love to get what I was told and shown as I watched from midnight throughout the day of the presentations. I thought you would like to know what I was told. If you could please look into this or let me know what to do from your end, that would be great and then would have a happy HP owner. Thank you very much Christine, love to watch you on the shows, you are very knowledgeable. Pls. address these issues soon as 30 days will be coming up.

Thank You

~The Only Way For Evil To Prevail, Is For Good People To Do Nothing~

reddangel1321338486.3271 PostsRegistered 12/4/2010

I purchased a wireless printer from qvc e station lately it has been extremely frustrating for me- it says the printer is out of paperr when it is full, I have re-booted it. un-installed re- installed and it still persists- Help me-

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