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Transferring Books to Your Pandigital Novel


A very warm welcome; I am beyond excited to be joining my numerous QVC friends in bolstering the ever-growing QVC community! It is with great pride that I will be managing a new blog designed to enlighten, educate, and most importantly, help each of you embrace the many new technologies that will soon be at your fingertips. My number one goal: create an open dialogue with each of you focusing on your questions.

To begin, we have spent months compiling the vast array of questions and community forum comments determining the number-one question that you would like answered: "How do I transfer electronic books to my Pandigital Novel?"

Great question to start with — thanks!!! There are two great ways built into your Pandigital Novel for you to easily transfer periodicals.

1. Downloaded wirelessly from your Barnes & Noble account.

The first time you access the Barnes & Noble application, the Bookstore and My Library rows are empty. Sign into your Barnes & Noble account to populate the Bookstore and My Library rows.

  • Although you can populate the Bookstore row without signing into your B&N account, we recommend signing in first so you can shop and download media right away.
  • You must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to connect to Barnes & Noble.

Sign into your B&N account

1.     Tap the application icon to display the Barnes & Noble screen.

  • If you have not yet registered an account with Barnes & Noble, tap Create an Account. The browser opens to the B&N account registration page. Follow all prompts to create your account.

2.     If you have an existing Barnes & Noble account, tap Sign in.

3.     Enter your B&N account information (email & password), and then tap Login.

Populate Bookstore row

In the Barnes & Noble screen, tap Update to sync with the Barnes & Noble store and populate the row with their Bestsellers, New Releases, Magazines, and Newspapers.

Populate My Library rows

1.     The My Library screen displays the purchased or sample media that you have added to your Barnes & Noble online account.

2.     To populate the rows, in the Barnes & Noble screen, tap Update Library.

Populated Barnes & Noble screen

After logging in and populating the Bookstore and My Library rows, the Barnes & Noble screen resembles the following example:


Pandigital screen


To search for a book title, press Media Search. Enter title text, tap Search Novel/Search Bookstore.

2. Directly from your PC or Mac.

Adobe eBooks

Adobe eBooks are designed for reading and managing eBooks and other digital content transferred from Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).

To view Adobe eBooks, you need a free Adobe account and Adobe Digital Editions software.

Next, register your account and then download the software on the Adobe website: http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions

Authorize your Pandigital Novel for ADE

After you authorize your Pandigital Novel, it appears as a device in ADE (titled PD_NOVEL). You can then copy eBooks from your ADE collection to your Pandigital Novel and vice versa.

1.     Start ADE on your computer.

2.     Connect your Pandigital Novel to your computer using the USB cable.

3.     ADE detects your Pandigital Novel and displays the Device Setup Assistant.

4.     Click Authorize Device.

5.     Click Finished.

Transfer eBooks from ADE into your Pandigital Novel

1.     With your Pandigital Novel still connected to the computer, drag and drop the eBooks from the ADE collection into your Pandigital Novel device (titled PD_NOVEL).

2.     Disconnect the USB cable.

Read Adobe eBooks

1.     Tap the application icon.

2.     The eBooks you transferred to PD_NOVEL are listed.

3.     Tap on a book to open it in the Reader.

  • If you attempt to open a book but an error message states the book cannot be opened, it may be an expired book or the activation record has been erased. Restart your Pandigital Novel and then reconnect to the computer to reactivate the authorization.
  • If an Adobe eBook has an expiration date, it also expires in your Pandigital Novel. If an eBook is returned in ADE before it expires, the next time you connect your device to your computer, ADE updates the status of the returned eBook on your device and you will not be able to read it.

Your Pandigital Novel supports eBooks borrowed from a public library using a global distributor such as Overdrive.com. Simply download the books to your computer and then use Adobe Digital Editions software to transfer them to your device.

Here is a link to the Pandigital website that will give you direct access to the full user manual: http://www.pandigital.net/userfiles/file/Downloads/UG_R90L200_v1_8_11-12-10.pdf


Kind regards,


P.S. With back-to-school for all our loved ones right around the corner, stayed tuned for the launch of an exciting brand-new line of Pandigital tablets…an entire universe all to its own!


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