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Posted by Shawn Killinger 1275421993.76

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Hidy-ho, Q neighbors!

Sitting here with David Venable in host lounge. He told me I had bad breath this morning. Impossible. I use TriOral (A9992). Mint is my preference...wouldn’t be without it. Can’t lie. I know David was joking with me (we bicker like brother and sister), but would you believe my own PARENTS once told me I had bad breath. In front of a boyfriend. I will never forget that moment. Awful. I still cringe.

Why am I wasting your time talking about bad breath? Sorry.

So, Lisa Robertson is live in Italy for our Vicenza jewelry shows right now. Love her with curly hair. Her dress, puh-leez — stunning. I actually love the scenics we keep showing. All the aging and patina-ed facades of those villas...the vines and statues of David. It's all so romantic and charming. Imagine being born there. Ugh, the luck!

Starving. Didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Last night for dinner had the tastiest piece of trout with crab topping and smashed yams. Love yams. I'm actually expecting a shipment any day now of soft shell crabs. No need to reread that if you felt like doing a double take. Yes, I still don't cook. Trust me it's safer for all concerned. But I'm doing a food show coming up soon and I'm thrilled — one of my favorite restaurant delicacies is coming to QVC. Soft shell crabs. I imagine it will be a limited-time thing much like honeybells. They are divine. The way you can chow down on the shell cuz they're...well, you know, soft! The vendor has agreed to send me a sample and I’m going to attempt to cook them. (May have to enlist the help of my good friend Rachel Pavis from Bethlehem Lights. She's a pro in the kitchen. Makes divine homemade salsa...I realize this is unrelated to soft shell crabs.)

Sitting here in cocktail dress...with ankle brace and 4 inch heels. When we do live remotes a host always has to "sit the signal" meaning we babysit the show from home base in case there are satellite problems and we have to continue selling from the home studio while they fix the problem. So far so good in Italy...sunny skies and beautiful tile roofs...

Have started to tip toe into the world of Dr. Perricone products and I'm kind of excited about it. Did a show with their guest Dana Bledsoe last week for their Today’s Special Value and a couple products I'm either loving, or wanting to try — Facial Contour Cream (A58781), Deep Wrinkle Serum (A87563), No Foundation Foundation with SPF 30 (clever name huh?!) (A200021). I also stumbled on a toner I want to try from Kate Somerville (A184674) because I normally order mine from my old esthetician in Orlando but that’s just becoming too expensive and silly now that I don’t live in Florida. And my toes! Despite regular snipping and filing and scrubbing, they are dry and scaly all the time so I really need to try that philosophy soul owner (A170537) I think it's called, for your feet.

Hate to give away a good secret and it has nothing to do with anything timely or summer related but...I stumbled on the QVC.com clearance section and YOU GUYS — there are darling plaid and doggie painted dessert plates on there from Isaac Mizrahi on mucho sale-o. I, being the O.C.D. planner type that I am, bought two sets and have them stashed in my hall closet for Christmas for my friend Laurie who is a dog lover and a horse vet. She'll love them. Her house is very French country-shabby-meets-chic, preppy-meets-posh...on a budget!

Great news — I think my Mom is having her surgery on her hip by end of summer. Such a blessing. She loves her surgeon and I think she's finally starting to wrap her head around the idea of going under the knife. I am so hopeful she stays on track. I just know without pain, her life will be so much more peaceful and full...

Had some corn on the cob the other day — delicious. Oh I love summer. I mean, I love winter (snow!) and fall is my favorite....but summer has so many high points. Tans, roadside veggie stands, corn on cob, BBQ, garage sales, the smell of grass, the smell of BBQ!, air conditioning :), flip-flops, fireflies, a glass of wine on the porch with a best friend or your mom/dad, the biggest-sweetest strawberries, fireworks, coolers, and the feel of the sun beating down on your head so that it makes your hair hot. Good stuff. (Although think I may explore getting one of our Southern Patio umbrellas for when I need shade...)

Mary Beth Roe is in host lounge now. Her hair looks beautiful. She's getting ready, in a few hours, to go on after Lisa with a gold anniversary show. Not sure why I'm telling you this. Stream of consciousness kind of stuff I guess...

Going to a BBQ tonight. The host loves hockey, and Philly, where we live, is in the Stanley Cup finals so I suspect there will be lots of shouts and groans and beverages flying out of hands.

Am looking forward to a few days off over this holiday. Ya know, David said something very true during our Saturday Morning Q Show today. We all come to think of Memorial Day as a 3-day weekend where we kick off summer and head to the beach for lazy days with friends. But first and foremost, I hope we all think about why we celebrate it — the brave souls, the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line to save and protect ours. I have a very good friend whose son is serving in Afghanistan. He's a new daddy — son, Graham, was just born around Thanksgiving last year. You can imagine how hard it is for this young man to be away from his little boy. He's due to come home for a year's home leave in July...but the date keeps getting pushed back. His mom, my friend, is no doubt on pins and needles waiting for her boy to finally, safely, board a plane home. She has the coolest attitude, I think. I asked her if it made her nervous having him serve in the military. She, a devout Christian, said, "No. If God is going to take Gene, he'll do it if he's home here or serving abroad....that date and time is already determined so makes no difference where he is and what he is doing." Amen to that. I love you, Karen.

We are so blessed in this country. For all our foibles and disagreements, challenges and tough times...when I see that American flag flying in the airport in Customs when I come home from traveling abroad...I tear up. We are the greatest nation in the world.

I hope you have a blessed holiday...and a safe one. See you on the flipside. Happy unofficial start to summer. Have a bite of BBQ for me...or corn on the cob...or berries and cream on angel food cake...and something frozen and chilled and in a glass with an umbrella, or...ok, you get the point. :)




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Nanc471275424590.183462 PostsRegistered 3/15/2010PA

Hi Shawn, I really enjoyed your show with Laura this afternoon. You do a great job with the vendors.

I wish I could be as quick with the catchy words like you do, great fun.

Hope your mom has good luck with her hip, I'm facing a knee replacement in the future. Right now just maintaining with shots.

You're a great host, hope you have a happy healthy (take care of the ankle) summer. God BlessSmile

This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it

Kindaglitzy1275436408.6274499 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Did you really say Soft Shell Crabs are coming to Q! Hope I don't miss them and hope you show how to cook them. I love them but have only had them in restaurants.

Glad you mom is getting more in tune with having the surgery. I hope she will be able to put it behind her before yet another winter sets in.

mageethegr­eat1275443984.7931 PostsRegistered 5/17/2010


I Love reading your blogs...so fresh and fun,just like you!! Good luck to your Mom,we'll say a prayer for her continued good health and successful hip operation. My Mom is sooo excited you'll be on tomorrow night for two hours!!! She's such a fan of yours!! You and David are a FAB DUO!! Sure do wish you'd do more shows together...or wait maybe you should branch out and do a talk show of your own!! Take care, Judy

Queen601275448531.3422 PostsRegistered 6/1/2010

Hi Shawn,

Enjoy your blog. Just wanted to let you know I'm from a suburb of Chicago and the BLACKHAWKS will will {#emotions_dlg.thumbup} LOL Hope you enjoy the playoffs. Like watching on the Q very nice way presentation you have. It shows you like your job. Take care and enjoy the summer.


Lynnat541275505744.86321 PostsRegistered 6/13/2007

Shawn, I wish I could have a glass of wine on the porch with you. I think it would be a verbal montage not yet heard by mankind. Two precociously verbal girlfriends simply baffles most others, especially men! And Shawn, you've got the gift of gab...no question about it. It's a skill and a talent. Love your hair, by the way...short is adorable on you, and refreshing!

miss mag1275525840.071 PostsRegistered 6/2/2010





Cassee22981275530881.1231 PostsRegistered 6/2/2010

Hi Shawn! I am watching you on No Problem! right now. I was wondering if the pants you are wearing are ones you got from Q? They look so comfortable and nice! Keep up the good work!

Sunny_Daze1275532365.7431 PostsRegistered 6/2/2010

O.M.G!.....Shawn Does that bad breath come in a spray?...Lol.. I'd like the Fathers Day gift set in that flavor.....Great Job Shawn.

rae baby1275532484.30310 PostsRegistered 6/2/2010

hi shawn wanted to say , just love watching you on air & your daily blog. you are soooo cute, perky, & bubbly!, i also have my faith; i collect crosses. if you get a chance, go to you-tube, type in harvest church and watch the video named vernilla. it is our pastor, he is young, witty, super articulate and really gets the message across. i think you mentioned once that you were from Michigan. I am originally from Wisconsin, way up north where lake Superior is located with the 13 Apostle Islands-just beautiful country. However I do love it here in Montana. take care and keep doing the great job you do so well...

Misegirl1275581985.931 PostsRegistered 6/3/2010

Hi Shawn, I am a stay-at home mom of a 12 mon old and I love watch you when your on. You had a great show with Laura Geller yesterday. Love her products!!! Anway, I noticed the gold flip flops that you had on the other day and love them. Where did you get them?

msmah7121275586002.22 PostsRegistered 6/3/2010

Hi Shawn - I am in love with the jeans/pants you were wearing last night on the Q...it was the 6pm show...can you please tell me where you bought them???


kelleyb1275622965.7436 PostsRegistered 6/3/2010

Hi Shawn, I have been a fan of yours since you started on Q check. Your energy is really great. You come across on camera as such a girlfriend and you are simply a joy to watch. I once heard a caller tell Lisa Robertson that she could sell her a flat tire. I have to say this statement applies to you as well. When you and Lisa do shows together I automatically set down and watch the entire show because I know you will present great items that I want. You are a terrific host and I appreciate your input and advice on beauty and fashion. Take good care and have a wonderful summer (Q check isn't near as good without you) Kelley B

matumba1275644619.926 PostsRegistered 6/4/2010

I am new to all of this high tech networking. I just wanted to know if the purple and white draped top and jeans you wore on Memorial day is availible for purchase

axeman1275683355.9811 PostsRegistered 6/3/2010

just brush your teeth before returning to work{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

axeman1275684518.36711 PostsRegistered 6/3/2010

republican women are to my liking..so level headed..conrad

Last edited on 6/4/2010

gramoftrips1275704243.25314 PostsRegistered 7/23/2008

I just love reading your blog. I LOL with you jumping from one subject to the next...that's how my mind words too!

PLEASE tell your Mom to do her surgery soon!

Don't waste time or the summer in pain!

Just wanted to tell you that I'm almost 62 (August 1) and I'm a bit chubby. I am not athletic or in the best shape...really just average, and so scared to have this done.

I had total hip replacement done 9 weeks ago.

It was a breeze to go through! My surgeon was a specialist and that's all he does is hips. 3 hours after recovery, I use a walker( with 2 nurses help) and went to the bathroom! The next day a shower and started rehab right away. I do 3 days a week, and must say, it's tough! I some times I need a cup of tea...or stronger..and a nap afterwards!

I walk with out a cane and almost no limp!!

I can hardly believe it my self.

I'm shopping and enjoying my triplet grand daughters and back enjoying my life! I wish I wouldn't have wasted the last year in fear of this!

I'll keep your Mom in my thought and prayers.

Let us know how's she's doing!

rae baby1275706772.15710 PostsRegistered 6/2/2010

hi Shaun, loved reading the comments on your blog, all rings so true, your one of the hostess with the mostest!! i love your hair cut now, but i also loved your haircut when you first started with qvc. i know at one time you were engaged, still??? or did you get married???? i hope one day you will get to do a remote with Lisa R. in Italy, your Italian is quite good... also love your sense of fashion-so young & refreshing. take care & god bless

rae baby1275706777.0310 PostsRegistered 6/2/2010

hi Shaun, loved reading the comments on your blog, all rings so true, your one of the hostess with the mostest!! i love your hair cut now, but i also loved your haircut when you first started with qvc. i know at one time you were engaged, still??? or did you get married???? i hope one day you will get to do a remote with Lisa R. in Italy, your Italian is quite good... also love your sense of fashion-so young & refreshing. take care & god bless

axeman1275740789.9911 PostsRegistered 6/3/2010

how can you kiss a significant other like that? conrad

cool chic1275742358.4820 PostsRegistered 7/18/2009

love the blogs and can't wait for each new installment. You are a great hostess and I do enjoy watching your energy on TV each time you are on. You do keep it real

Hope your foot feels better

Looking so forward to the debut of your aquamarine ring...hope it doesn't sell out before I can order it.

I love how you wear yours, and will want to wear that particular ring the same way.

Keep up the blogs, and good luck and blessings to your Mother on her surgery.

pansy11275753294.3673 PostsRegistered 5/6/2010

You say that the Q is going to have sofy shell crabs, do you know when I just love, love then & would love to see them on the Q.

leggsinar1275758079.8775 PostsRegistered 6/18/2009

Hi Shawn!

I love you and David togther on Saturday mornings. Ya'll are great together! I loved your dress you had on this morning, Sat. June 5, and when I called I was told it was your own. Can you share where you bought it? You looked beautiful!

shih tzu m­om1275763078.265 PostsRegistered 6/5/2010

Hi Shawn

I have to say that I never thought I'd be sitting here writing to a QVC host but you are the "bee's knees" ! I love watching you and love your clever banter...I think that with you, what you see is what you get. Also saw you with David on the Saturday show for the first time as you beat him in Wii bowling...that was quite a shot (former golfer, sorry) or whatever you call it...a throw? You two are so fun to watch!!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you what good company you are!!! I think you, as well, could sell me a flat tire. Whatever you do in your presentation is so very real...hope QVC appreciates you as much as we do!!

Woozy1275771402.612 PostsRegistered 6/5/2010

Hi Shawn:

Alway enjoy watching you - so quick witted - a pleasure.

Was wondering what happened to your fiance - saw him propose a whle back but no talki of marriage since - did you every get married?

Nosy in New York.

axeman1275781601.2611 PostsRegistered 6/3/2010

try aim toothpaste{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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