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Go Faux It: bareMinerals Beautifully Bronzed Collection TSV

Posted by Missy The Beauty Editor 1337266569.553

bareMinerals(R) Beautifully Bronzed Deluxe 2-Piece Collection

I was always so weary of sunless tanners that I stayed away from them all together...until I tried bareMinerals Beautifully Bronzed Deluxe 2-Piece Collection (a.k.a. Friday’s Today’s Special Value). Now, as I sit here with a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow, I know what I’ve been depriving myself of all this time and I won’t be without it again.

If you’re a first-timer like I was, take it from me…this is the way you want to go faux. If you’re among the shoppers who wait patiently every year for this deluxe, 16-oz size to be offered, I don’t blame you (and I’ll be one of you from now on).

I was the palest of the pale. My Mediterranean ancestors wouldn’t have believed I was related to them. After one application of Faux Tan Sunless Tanner, I look like I just got back from a day at the beach…but better! My color is perfectly even and, way more importantly, I didn’t damage my skin in the sun to get it.

The tanner is a chocolaty shade when you first apply it, so you can see exactly where it’s going and make sure you don’t miss any spots or leave any rings. Don’t worry…it develops into a lighter, yet rich radiance. I also love the scent. It’s very clean, fresh, and the sweet almond oil in it really comes through. Plus, it contains moisturizing aloe vera so it nourishes while working its magic. I can definitely see why it won the 2011 Customer Choice Beauty Award for Best Sunless Tanner.

There’s more. The second half of this tantalizing twosome, the Deluxe Tan Brush, helps you turn into a golden goddess without turning your palms a different color. Its flared handle allows you to illuminate even hard-to-reach areas without getting it anywhere you don’t want it.

All you have to do is:

1. Exfoliate in the shower beforehand (and be sure to dry thoroughly after you get out).

2. Apply Faux Tan Sunless Tanner with the Deluxe Tan Brush. Use quick strokes in a cross hatch or circular motion until any edges disappear into bronzed oblivion. Gently buff crease-prone areas like elbows and knees for a flawless finish.

3. Wait at least 5 minutes before dressing and about an hour before coming in contact with water (including sweat).

4. Rinse your brush!

5. Admire your beyond-believable tan for 5–7 days.

6. Repeat as often as desired. (I’m planning to do it again before I go to a wedding on Saturday…stay tuned for pictures.)

I also rinsed off in the shower after letting my skin soak up the sun-believable goodness for over an hour. I got nervous when I saw some color wash down the drain, but my beachy-keen bronze stayed intact.

Go faux it, girls!


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Who Me1337375884.5831 PostsRegistered 1/4/2009

Question: Product description says "For body only, not recommended for use on face". Really? I'd like to oder, but if I can't use it on my face, what do you recommend?

LynnieMarie1337798803.541 PostsRegistered 5/23/2012

When can this product be purchased again?

SGW1337890248.5910 PostsRegistered 9/26/2006

Well I have to tell you ladies, I know many of us were loyal to Bare Minerals as they were cruetly free but Leslie sold the company to Sheseido. I have checked this out online and in stores and Sheseido animal tests. I used to work for them and quit. They still do it. How could Leslie do this?

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