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Teeth Whitening & Go-To Beauty

Posted by Sandra Bennett 1326642300.28
Considering how much time I spend looking for the most effective skin care and makeup, you might assume I would have at least thought about getting whiter teeth. Nope. For years, the entire teeth-whitening industry wasn’t even on my radar. Sure, I read articles about how whiter teeth make you looker younger, healthier, and more attractive. So, I bought whitening toothpaste and considered the case closed. I drank my coffee and tea day after day (in fact, I’m drinking a cup as a write this!) and never thought again about the color of my smile…until I broke some bonding on my tooth. When I went to the dentist to have it replaced, he held a shade chart to my teeth so he could create a matching color. I noticed he picked a shade that didn’t look white. Then he said, “Your teeth are fairly discolored.” Ugh!
Coincidentally, a few days later, I ran into Dr. Thomas Connelly. While Dr. Connelly brings GO SMiLE to QVC, he is also a prestigious cosmetic dentist in Manhattan. In fact, he is one of only a couple hundred dentists in the world accredited by the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. I asked him how my teeth looked. He gave it to me straight and it was not what I wanted to hear. In fact, I think he used the words “brown” and “gray." I like and trust Dr. Connelly, so I decided I would take his advice. Several months later, my teeth are much whiter.  I feel like this small change has made a dramatic improvement in my appearance. Even my lipstick looks better against a backdrop of whiter teeth!
I have been wanting to blog about my experience with whiter teeth and tell you about the products I’m using for a couple of months. However, now I’m glad I waited, because I just found out that our Today’s Special Value on January 16 is going to feature GO SMiLE's most advanced technology yet. I have been using the Double-Action Ampoules, but with this kit, you get the ampoules and a light device that speeds up the whitening action.
According to the product information, you can get whiter teeth in just three 10-minute sessions. You basically apply the ampoules (which I love) and then hold the Smile Whitening Light up to your mouth. In a clinical study, participants who used the Triple-Action Whitening Light System achieved an average improvement of seven shades in one 30-minute session. Pretty impressive!
This Today’s Special Value is part of our Go-To-Beauty Event, where we will feature our best brands, including WEN by Chaz Dean, StriVectin, Mally, tarte, and many more of my favorites! In fact, you can try 10 products all at once in the NewBeauty 10-piece TestTube for $29.96. It’s a great value. The full-size Mally mascara and tarte EmphasEYES eyeliner in the tube would cost more to purchase separately than what you pay for all 10 products! We present the TestTubes only a few times a year and they go quickly. However, the Auto-Delivery program is available if you want to get this TestTube, and then new TestTubes in April, August, and October.
I’ll be presenting the GO SMiLE Today’s Special Value and the NewBeauty TestTube during Go-To Beauty Innovations at 6 p.m. ET on January 16, followed by two hours of WEN by Chaz Dean from 7 9 p.m. ET. What new products are you interested in trying? Have you used something lately that you love? Our blog system does not allow me (or any of our bloggers) to respond to your comments here (sorry!), but I’ll read them and you can always chat with me directly on my Facebook page. I would love to hear about your “Go-To Beauty” products!
— Sandra Bennett

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pt441326830193.7276 PostsRegistered 10/22/2007

Dear Sandra, I love watching you on QVC.You have a very good sense about fashion and your presentations are the best. I am impressed that you are thorough and honest. My profession is medical . Fashion and style many times presented my first connection to a patients trust. Thank you for being who you are. Pat T

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Smiley11326908080.7231 PostsRegistered 1/18/2012

Hi-Sandra. I loved the tunic/dress you were wearing with Wen showing on Monday. Who made it? How can I get one? Thanks>Lena Hefner

Last edited on 1/18/2012

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coneyislan­dbaby1327009393.595 PostsRegistered 12/28/2010

hi sandra, just wanted to let u know that after seeing ur GO SMILE presentation with the dr, i went ahead, splurged and ordered it. u seems very genuine and trustworthy!--always a pleasure to watch. hope that this product works forme as it has for you and shawn. keeping my fingers crossed as you both are way younger than this 64 yr old lady but as i still have lots to smile about being glad to be alive!! and i want my pearly whites to reflect that!

thank you!

keep up the stellar work!

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Arniece1327327407.3373 PostsRegistered 1/23/2012

Hi Sandra,

You are my favorite host, I love your style, sense of humor and product knowledge. I saw you last night with Isaac Mizrahi and I must say I loved the shoes you were wearing...are they available on QVC? If not, can you tell me what designer they are?

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work. {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

Arniece Davis

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Capgirl1327364813.7533 PostsRegistered 10/19/2010

Hi Sandra-

Love your work! Could you tell me about the black ceramic watch you have been sporting on your left wrist? I noticed you wearing it again tonight and wondered where I can get one. Thanks!

kmorben1327369327.2033 PostsRegistered 4/23/2010

I am watching PM Style and not happy that you are the host. Wish Amy was the host instead. You need to tone down your voice-it's up and down all the time, must be a control thing with you. Also let the designer talk about her clothing items, you are so boring all the time and talk way way too fast. Also stop interrupting the designer when they are talking, that is just rude. We want to hear what they have to say not you. And keep your voice at an even tone. I usually have to turn the channel when you are on... sorry

diggity1327704651.87757 PostsRegistered 7/1/2008

Hi: Like to watch you shows; HOWEVER, you need to slow down when talking and try not to interrupt your guest - has to turn you off with Danny for Or Paz. He is trying to explain something and you run over hsi words. Talk TOO fast.

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