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Holiday Shopping Made Easy


Hi, there!

One of the holiday traditions my son and I enjoy together is watching The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (1971). This made-for-TV movie starred Patricia Neal and Richard Thomas and depicted one Depression-era family, the Waltons, and their special Christmas. (By the way, this movie served as the pilot for the long-running TV series The Waltons.) When asked what she wants for Christmas, Elizabeth, the youngest child, replies, “A whole page of dolls from the Sears catalog!”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I remember making my Christmas list by going through the Sears Christmas catalog. I’d write down the item numbers and give my list to Mom. She’d place the order and run down to the Sears pick-up center when it arrived. Fast forward 30 years to when I had my own young son. Cameron used to sit at the PC and search the web for what he wanted. When he found it, he’d write down the web address, item number and price. Technology had changed since I was a kid, but the method Cameron used was basically the same.

Now, more than ever, I prefer to do all my holiday gift shopping online or by phone. I will only go to a store (other than the grocery store) after Thanksgiving as a last resort. I see nothing merry about full parking lots, long lines at the register and picked-over merchandise. Of course, there are those dedicated shoppers who love the hustle and bustle of traditional shopping and I say more power to them! It’s just not for me.

That’s why I was so excited when I saw all the great jewelry, toys, apparel, electronics, handbags, beauty and more that was going into the November InsideQ magazine! There’s something for everyone on your gift list. Here’s a sneak peek at what Members will see in the issue, which should be arriving soon.


wizard of oz


sky ball




To find out more about these and other wonderful gift giving ideas, visit QVC.com/aboutInsideQ. When you subscribe (just $1 a month!) you’ll have access within 24 hours to our members’ only web page where you can shop from the current and previous two issues of InsideQ magazine.

And not only can you do your shopping from InsideQ, you’ll also find decorating ideas from Valerie Parr Hill and Lisa Robertson, holiday looks from Isaac Mizrahi, and Thanksgiving Day tips from Rachael Ray.


How do you shop for the holidays: Online or at the mall?


Look for my next blog in a couple of weeks when I share my friend Clare’s recipe for pineapple bread pudding. And for advance news about what’s coming up in InsideQ and on InsideQ Online, follow my tweets at Twitter.com/QVC.

Happy trails!


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