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Getting Intimate with the Breezies Ladies

Barely Breezies TSV — What Every Woman Wants in a Bra

Last Reply by robb 1430791072.53 | Started by Gendel Girls in Fashion Talk, Breezies, TSV Talk

I'm SOOO excited about the newest Barely Breezies Today's Special Value. We've worked to incorporate every conceivable feature a woman would want in a bra: 1. Looking great in your clothes because the uplift and shape is perfected in the bustline. 2. Feeling confident because the modesty lining helps to alleviate "party hats," "headlights," "high beams," "twin peaks" — let's face it, we've all had embarrassing show-through. 3. COMFORT, COMFORT, COMFORT! This bra was designed with 360 degrees of comfort to not only make us look great, but to make us feel absolutely marvelous (darling) ... Continue Reading


A Day in the Life of the Breezies Girls

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Winter time at the Breezies office brings back many frigid memories.  We spent two winters working in a renovated barn with nests of newborn mice and a snake dangling over the printer.  We would huddle and fight over time spent in front of space heaters, and although we are now working in offices with heat, we still battle over prime real estate in front of the fireplace.  A normal day starts at 9AM.  We usually have 15-20 minutes of catch up time on the couches, which surprisingly for seeing each other for at least 12 hours a day/6 days a week, we manage to come up with... Continue Reading


An Intro to the Gendels & Breezies

Last Reply by maltesemama 1426493824.357 | Started by Gendel Girls in Fashion Talk

    Breezies® with UltimAir® is a classic line of intimate apparel that offers full-support bras and full-coverage bras and panties. Kathy Gendel brings you this line. "I'm a mother of three daughters and have two grandsons. I'm married to Craig Gendel, co-founder of Breezies. When not at the Q, I enjoy gardening, cooking on Sundays, being with my family, watching my grandchildren, watching and shopping QVC, and traveling. My girls help keep me updated on the latest trends." ­—Kathy Gendel   Barely Breezies® offers the same... Continue Reading

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