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Re: Who shops at skin store ?

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On 7/20/2012 Deb777 said: Wow ! Placed the order yesterday... Email says shipped today .. so quick ! Deb Yes, they are really quick, another reason I love them! Enjoy your purchases! Last edited on 7/20/2012 Continue Reading


Re: Protect Your Hair from the Heat This Summer

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Thanks Chaz! I just want to say that I absolutely and completely LOVE the summer mango coconut! It is the best cleansing conditioner for my hair and I never want to be without it. I hope it will be in a 32 oz soon (or gallon would be even better!). Oh and if I may ask you to please put it in a replenishing mist, I would DIE!! Continue Reading



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On 7/20/2012 kcladyz said: I am trying hard to make myself like wen. As far as smell I like the sam and i hated the lavender at first but it has grown on me but i do not get any special results at all. My hair really looks no different than with other shampoos. i think the first try my hair was awesome but was never able to get the same results a second time. I tried useing it in every way. little produt lots of product, mixing etc... Only thing I have not tried yet is the 613 and a seasonal I don't know why when you love your Nexxus and Organics coconut. Why not just stick with them since t... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else have a TON of nail polish?

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I was just thinking that I WISH I was into nailpolish because there are so many great colors that I like but I am too lazy to do my nails and my line of work isn't conducive to wearing nailpolish. Continue Reading


Re: If you have toenail fungus

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On 7/20/2012 evelyner said: Are you all saying that thickening of the nail on the toes is a fungus, not old age related? I have one toe that is thickened and actually rounding the nail on top, so I should use Vicks? No, not all thickening of the nail is caused by fungus. Years ago I had one toe that got thick and looked odd. I was freaking out thinking it was toenail fungus and went to my derm and she said it was not fungus but actually a damaged toenail. It can occur after trauma to that toenail. I just keep it trimmed down so you can't really notice it. You should ask a derm or doctor firs... Continue Reading


Re: You liking the White-Out nails?

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I am too pale to use white polish but I do like it on some women. I am into different things so I like it (just not on me)! Continue Reading


Re: Clarks Botanicals?

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The intense radiance mask? If so, I LOVE this mask, and I am not a mask person at all. I got a good sized deluxe sample in a Birchbox one month and just love it. Continue Reading


Re: Q -- despite your blog statement, the site is still messed up

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I cannot get the feedback button to work even! ETA: it is working now! But I couldn't edit an order even though it wasn't processed yet. I had to call in the change (which worked). Last edited on 7/20/2012 Continue Reading


Re: Dalton Products?

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Those of you that the conceal it and are fair to light skinned, you don't find the conceal it too yellow? The demoes make the models' skin look a little yellow onair so that is why I haven't tried it yet. however, the beautiful older lady that kept doing the happy dance that the H2O glow is back had the conceal it on as a foundation and I thought it matched perfectly to her skin. She looked incredible in the before photo with no makeup on though so maybe she is just one of those people that can wear anything and look fabulous! :) Continue Reading


Re: I Love My Wen

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Thanks for sharing your story and glad you love WEN too! Continue Reading

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