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Re: What's cow hair?

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I agree with the people that think this is totally gross. I also think it is totally wrong to make a blanket statement as to what it is made of/from. Once that fur/skin is attached to your bag, you have NO IDEA where it was taken from...so it most certainly could have been from an aborted calf. Further, what I have read is that they (overseas) are putting REAL fur on coats and hats, etc. and selling it as faux fur, since nobody wants the real fur these days and it is much cheaper to use real hair than manufacture it. I am sorry to say this, since it is so disgsting, but it is the truth. Continue Reading


Re: Does the buyer standing gingerly on a ring...

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I agree. With all due respect, resin filled jewelry is really just junk. Has no resale value, cannot ever be sized and when you plate something, the gold color is always cheap and fake-looking. The price they sell these pieces for is outlandish. At most, I would pay .25 cents out of a gumball machine for a little girl to wear. Wouldn't even pay .50 cents! I would not wear any of it ever. Rather wear nothing than junk. Yuck! Continue Reading


Re: What's the next big thing in jewelry to look forward to?

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On 9/12/2012 esmeraldagooch said: On 9/12/2012 ennui said: On 9/11/2012 champagnepoodle said: 14k gold jewelry will be seen, because price of gold is coming down, for the 1st time in a number of years. Sterling will not be worth anything No offense, but I don't think your jeweller knows what he/she is talking about. Gold closed at $1732.40 and silver closed at $33.57. Both are climbing up up up. You can check out the happy little charts at goldprice.org. I agree ennui. That was a very odd thing to say. I totally agree. I thought the exact same thing when I read that. Gold is on th... Continue Reading


Re: Bought new luxury car on beauty diet now...any drugstore recs?

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On 9/9/2012 Desertdi said: I'm more interested in the car you bought.......... LOL. Me too. More interested in the car.... Continue Reading


Re: Again QVC limited Easy Pay??

In Judith Ripka 1347191552.33

I understand the risks, but why can the other channels offer it on a consistent basis then? They continue to thrive. They continue to do it every single day of the year - year after year after year. Why does it take double the time for QVC's packages to reach me? It take longer than anywhere, including Sephora, Macys, HSN, ShopNBC, Ulta, Nordstroms, Amazon... Why is QVC's shipping the highest and their shipping the slowest??? Please don't say it is where you live that determines shipping time. I live in the same house with the same address when I order from Amazon, HSN, Macys.... Continue Reading


Re: Again QVC limited Easy Pay??

In Judith Ripka 1347155723.643

I agree. SHOPNBC has six (6) easy pays on EVERYTHING on their site a couple times a month. HSN always offers easy pay and usually has free or reduced shipping on mostly everything. QVC has the highest shipping, very limited easy pays and I have to pay tax only with QVC. Continue Reading


Re: not all that shines is real gold

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I purchased an Eternagold "love knot" necklace years and years ago from QVC (I mean like 10 or 15 years ago - can't remember). I took it to 3 gold buying places and 1 pawn shop to sell it and all four places would not buy it!!! They said it was plated and only the clasp was real 14k. So I called Eternagold and the lady said that it is, in fact 14k gold. She said to have it assayed. I told her it was and she said "well, I don't know what to tell you because it is real gold". My question is to the people who say that the gold people are scammers.... How can they be scamming you if they don'... Continue Reading



Last Reply by Franell 1345253216.97 | Started by jackieginarea in Jewelry Talk

We bombarded David about giving us the gram weights and they are finally doing it more than ever. Not with everything, but for the Q it is a major revelation. Also, there are finally a better selection of "old gold" classic styles - finally i.e., byzantine, rope chains, band ring, etc. Doesn't seem to be that much silicon junk - some, but a lot less than last year. I think he got sick of us complaining about silicon and resin #$%^. QVC typically charges $100 per gram across the board. These prices this year are much lower than that. You still have to watch and buy smart. Some things are ... Continue Reading


Re: The way things are presented in packaging makes a big difference qvc

In Judith Ripka 1345095783.633

I agree about poor presentation. QVC would definitely NOT lower prices if they did away with all boxes and bags. They would probably raise it. I hate those Q boxes and the white pouches. Ripka's stuff is so overpriced to begin with. Fake diamonds and cheap sterling silver. QVC wants everyone to believe that sterling silver costs a king's ransom. It is still dirt cheap. Yes, it has gone up, but geez, a paperboy could afford sterling silver jewelry. She charges $300 for a bracelet that contains about $4 worth of silver. The diamonique has no value at all. They then charge double for ... Continue Reading


Re: Klondike goldrush TSV

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On 8/15/2012 ennui said: The TSV is a tri-color solid 14k highway ring. Highway earrings, J270889. There's a preview link at the top of the page. I only got as far as J269605 and thought, you have got to be kidding me. QVC has better deals in their gold clearance section. For example, compare and contrast J309432 and J269494. Last edited on 8/15/2012 ____________________________ Let me guess, the highway ring is filled with silicone. I agree with you about the earring backs. It is hilarious how they show the picture of the cardboard box. Like wow! Look what we are giving you with these o... Continue Reading

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