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Re: North Carolina, Here I Come! Keep the Light on for Us!

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Hehe - all of the above! Grits (the old "Girls Raised In The South" thing) Collard greens seasoned with bacon Fried cornbread Chicken and Dumplins Fried Okra Now the good news is that I actually don't get these very often - but for the holidays, I am immediately in heaven when I see these on the menu! Thanks, Vicki Continue Reading


Re: Next Stop...New York! See You in The Big Apple!

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I have been to New York and to be honest, it was so long ago I don't remember the food itself. However, I remember the experience of the Rainbow Room. I also remember being a little overwhelmed by the entire experience. I also remember a bakery in the village that was absolutley wonderful. I think I would like to go back one day and savor the flavors of New York's food trucks and some of the more notable places to eat. OH - and I have to go back to Dean and Deluca because I enjoyed that experience too. Vicki Continue Reading


Re: Not Your Average Pizza...Take a Peek at Tomorrow's Specialty Pie!

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For me, David, I like to just eat my fruit by itself. My favorite is watermelon and I swear I just can't get enough. My boyfriend actually told me I was going to turn into one if I didn't slow down. :) I have had a fruit pizza before and it was quite tasty, so I am looking forward to seeing your recipe. I will be having the boyfriend's kids over soon and that would be a great thing to serve. Thanks, Vicki Continue Reading


Re: Happy Memorial Day! Sunday's Recipe: Red, White, & Blue Burgers!

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David, I have no plans really this weekend, other than I made a couple of trips running errands. I have been to the farmer's market and I have been making green beans, squash, corn, and just a bunch of make ahead dinners since I have been in a cooking mood this weekend. I have seriously LOVED my fresh saver because I get to cook on the weekends and then just heat things when my work week gets busy. My only plans this weekend is relaxing and just "goin with the flow" - I think I might decide to grill out for myself tomorrow or Monday. We shall see. Thanks for your post - looking forward... Continue Reading


Re: Patio Picnic this Sunday--You're Invited!

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I had to give this some thought but I would say my mom's potato salad is the first thing that came to my mind. She is known for making the best potato salad and everybody always compliments her on making it just perfect. That to me is probably the perfect picnic food for our family. Thanks, Vicki Continue Reading


Re: Honey Lime Barbecue Grilled Sweet Potatoes! This Wednesday!

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David, my favorite grilled side is my zucchini and squash on the grill. I haven't experimented a whole lot with my grilling sides, but it is something I plan to work on this summer. Vicki Continue Reading


Re: Cinco de Mayo this Weekend! Party Planning Starts Wednesday!

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David, my favorite mexican meal is my homemade Chicken, Black Bean and Corn Salsa Quesadillas. YUM!! Actually I enjoy most mexican dishes, but that is always my go to favorite. Vicki Continue Reading


Re: Coming Up This Wednesday: A Day of Your Favorites

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Technique, Temptations, Lock&Lock, Keurig, and Kitchen Aid....I love them all. :) Vicki Continue Reading


Re: Clean-Out-Your-Pantry Casserole this Sunday! Join Us!

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Hi David. I have an organized pantry but I do the "do I have that at home" foul and end up with 6 of something I only needed 1 or 2 for. I also coupon often and stock up there too. Lately I have been planning my meals around my pantry and freezer inventory and I have to say that has been working out wonderfully. I am excited to say I also have more freezer meals that are already done for those nights I am too tired to cook after work. I can serve my family home cooked meals made by me - just not on that night. :) Thanks Vicki Continue Reading

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