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Re: Hawaiian Chicken Wings

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sounds yummy--thanks Continue Reading


Re: The Best Hamburger You Ever Had?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1401564132.783

You can't beat fresh ground right at home but Five Guys is good, too. Continue Reading


Re: Lock and Lock egg keeper mold

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398977246.473

I had the same problem until somebody on this forum told me to put a piece of paper toweling on top of the eggs. It works great--problem solved!!! Continue Reading


Re: I wish I had more of this in my life..

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I live alone and do not answer the door for anyone I'm not expecting. There is a notice on my door stating that if I'm not expecting you to please call before knocking. I have to keep myself safe. Continue Reading


Re: What is the strangest thing you have ever cooked and eaten??

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I didn't cook itbut---fried grasshappers out of a can when I was a kid. Continue Reading


Groupon Offer for Lock & Lock

Started by Rarity in Viewpoints 1398137262.743

There is a Groupon offer for 28(56 with tops) pieces of Lock & Lock. I think it was $33.99. You can't beat a deal like that!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Ove Glove

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I've had them for years now and I really like them. I just wish they made them smaller. Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite ham?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397604062.763

Growing up we always had a semiboneless ham--no certain brand. They were sooooooooo good! I'm going to look to see if I can find one. Continue Reading


Re: If you could have any luxury - what would it be??

In Beauty Banter 1397539436.483

I would love to have a full time housekeeper and also a heated indoor pool. Continue Reading

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