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Re: Ebates?

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I've used them all but find shopathome.com usually has the highest rebate for many stores including QVC. I think it's 6% right now. Continue Reading


Re: Any hints on January items yet?

In Linea 1416499253.35

I know there will be an email in January about the roll out of Linea Leisure. Continue Reading


Re: I don't do Black Friday shopping, do you?

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I used to love going with my sister years ago, back when it wasn't so insane. Now, it's not my thing. I do however buy a lot on line to take advantage of big cash back offers, discounts, rebates, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Police not returning as weekly show....

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On 11/20/2014 Cookie06 said: By the way, where did you get this information. I have heard conflicting reports of whether it will return or not???? Just wondering???? It was reported as an exclusive on TMZ Continue Reading


Re: DAYS SPOILERS, week of 11/17/2014

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On 11/19/2014 sophiamarie said: Has anyone else noticed that Theresa's apt. looks exactly the same as Eve/Paige's???? Is it just me??? Also, has anyone also noticed today that Maggie's skirt and Anne's dress had the exact same print - that black and white triangle thingy going on..... Why does Anne wear practically the same dress every single day???? That is one good questions though I will say she can really rock the DVF wrap dress! I like her charm necklace. Reminds me of the one Duchess Kate wears. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS SPOILERS, week of 11/17/2014

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On 11/19/2014 AuntG said: TV Guide has an article about Serena Mason, a globe hopping journalist who stirs things up in Salem. Her arrival is bad news for Nicole Walker who has long carried a torch for Eric and things will quickly turn violent between the women. Isn't she begin played by a former member of One Life to Live? The beautiful redhead whose name I can never remember! Continue Reading


Re: DAYS SPOILERS, week of 11/17/2014

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On 11/19/2014 momak said: Who thinks that Paul (athlete) is gay? Isn't he actually a closet violist? I think I read somewhere that he wants to stop be an athlete and follow his true passion. I like him. Continue Reading


Re: Keurig environment and health concerns

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The environmental effects of producing energy from biomass is NOT settled science and continues to face considerable pushback from communities across the country, particularly in CA. Rather than dreaming up greenwash-y ways to get rid of garbage and in doing so creating a need for inputs, such as pounds of waste, isn't not generating waste in the first place the better solution? Can anyone really say that world with less plastic would be a bad thing? Continue Reading


Re: DAYS SPOILERS, week of 11/17/2014

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On 11/18/2014 sophiamarie said: On 11/18/2014 gardensla said: So I missed the Melanie years, except for a bit while she was being stalked by Nick (who I really miss). She seems to be a polarizing figure--lots of hate! Since this is a spoiler thread can we dish on the return of Kristen? Will they let her out of the hotel room next time? Yes, we can dish on anything (and anyone) we want to....... I'd just like to know what size Brink's truck they had to back up to the actress' door to get her to say "yes!" Her return this time was so sodden and anti-climactic that I'm surprised she's coming ... Continue Reading

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