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Re: Lilly Pulitzer coming to Target April 19

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On 3/28/2015 Q2girl said: My girlfriend, who buys expensive LP, is not happy about this. She feels it cheapens the brand. I love these collaborations but I do kind of agree with your friend. I have several expensive Mulberry bags and they did a knock-off line with Target that was awful. Continue Reading


Re: Lilly Pulitzer coming to Target April 19

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Fun! More interested in the new collection by Milly coming to Kohl's on April 23rd. Continue Reading


Re: EVINE Beauty Day

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I bought some of the new Beekman 1802 products. Tried once and liked a lot; great deals on Evine, better than their own site. Continue Reading


Re: 8 Ways Gloria Steinem Improved Our Lives

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Thank you for sharing this. She's always been an inspiration for me; good to be reminded about how far we've come and alerted to how far we have to go. Women ROCK! Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Outrageous Price Increase

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Greedy, and short sighted. Meanwhile, so much of it is on clearance. I guess now that they have a new "face" of the brand, they think it has legs. Look for more clearance in the near future. Continue Reading


Re: Days SPOILERS, week of 03/23/2015

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Wish they'd given Melissa Archer something to do; just like Jordan the writers couldn't come up with a decent storyline. I like the actress. Oh well. Saw Sami returns for 50th anniversary along with others. When GH had its anniversary the show was stellar; hoping the same for Days which is pretty terrible right now. Continue Reading


Re: Kohls again ... The bargains are unbelievable!!!

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On 3/25/2015 Gloria said: On 3/23/2015 ID2 said: What have I been doing wrong? Why is it everything I buy from them is junk? The clothes fall apart after a few washings. Their towels shed and ravel after a few washings. OP, you better watch out with that quilt you just bought after washing it a few times! They have deals, yes, but their quality is strictly garbage! Again I went there Saturday only because I had a coupon and they had another one of their "sales". OMG their shoe dept!! It was disgusting! Everything out of order, shoes laying all over the floor. Yuck. Ok I went to try some cloth... Continue Reading


Re: The recent Jockey TSV set is a failure--a bomb

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Not okay. And strange. I always order a SM in Jockey camisoles and a MD in bottoms such as Skimmies. That's what I would have ordered in the TSV; I would have been off by at least one size, probably more if your experience proves common. I've simply stopped buying at QVC and in particular I won't be trying new lines. I'd call and relate your concerns. Something tells me you won't be the only one! Continue Reading


Re: I emailed QVC yesterday about PMS being on so late

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On 3/18/2015 KittyLouSoutenu said: The new lineup jangles my nerves. What a bunch of frenetic YAKKITY YAKKITY YAKKITY Put them all on in the middle of the night while I'm asleep or during the day while I'm working. TIA. It's like watching an endless loop of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch. Continue Reading


Re: OT -- What is your occupation?

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Magazine editor specializing in gardening and interior design, with no plans to retire. Ever. My plan is for a third chapter where I own and operate a small plant nursery and garden shop! Continue Reading

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