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Re: The Newsroom: series finale (12/14/14)

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I'm never going to get that song out of my head! Good way to close the show. Sorry it's been cancelled. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ December Thread

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On 12/18/2014 BeckiWV said: Gosh, Michael, pretty cold to evict the baby. At Christmas! Scrooge! Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ December Thread

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Man, oh, man was that a dull show yesterday. Typical Wednesday before a holiday! I personally think Sam forgave Patrick too quickly, but with Jakes' Helena-esque conditioning not working all that well, I suppose they need to move this along. Guessing the early new year will bring a quintangle (is that a word?) of Sam/Patrick/Robin/Jason/Liz which should be interesting. Finally, the judge and Maxi? She clearly has a case for judicial over-reach. Where is her lawyer?! Continue Reading


Re: Days NO Spoilers, week of 12/15/2014

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Okay, what in tarnation was all that yesterday between Will/Sonny/nuGuy? Does nuGuy (please post his name as I keep forgetting) know that Will and Sonny are hitched and is trying to break them up? If so, he needn't work so hard--they're doing a bang-up job all by themselves! Guessing Serena isn't as beneficent as she's playing it right now? Hope so as I'm ready for an interesting new character on the canvass. I was going to write snark about the Melanie/Teresa She-Devil storyline but then I got bored.... Continue Reading


Re: Share one of your best holiday memories when you were a child

In For the Home Talk 1418906926.633

It's such a small thing, but Christmas morning was the only time of the year that we had pastries for breakfast like danish or some sort of cake bought from a real bakery. We'd go through our stockings then open the bakery box, untying the red and white twisted string that kept it closed, and dive into a gooey, sweet treat before opening gifts. Usually we'd get a sip or two of milky coffee, too. I never think twice now about having what I want, when I want it. Remembering this reminds me to leave somethings as special and anticipated. Continue Reading


Re: Bronzo Italia Polished Anchor Design Ring

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I have this ring and it's wonderful; I did find it ran small though and had to exchange for one size up. Continue Reading


Re: How much do you pay for Retin-A?

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For some reason I'll never understand, my insurance covers Retin-A. I pay $15.00 for a large tube. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ December Thread

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On 12/16/2014 quincybird said: General Hospital Spoilers: AJ Quartermaine Is Alive, Sonny Set Free, Robin Returns With Luke Spencer, Sabrina and Carlos Exit. I (maybe others) would appreciate a link for spoilers! Continue Reading


Re: Days Spoilers, week of 12/15

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On 12/16/2014 AuntG said: On 12/15/2014 MamaWick said: On 12/15/2014 Shelbelle said: Next week JJ and Eve hit the sheets once again!!! Please...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You took the words out of my mouth. I can't believe that storyline is attracting any viewers whether young or old. Nothing says "Christmas" like a sleaze-fest. Kid may not have inherited the rape gene as he feared, but there's plenty of stupidity in his DNA. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ December Thread

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On 12/15/2014 BeckiWV said: On 12/15/2014 gardensla said: So, we're about to get a few weeks of all the assemble Pentonville cons, just in time for Christmas. Sigh. Very heartwarming. :) Yeah, nothing says Christmas like Sonny brandishing a shiv made from a toothbrush. Continue Reading

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