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Re: Lisa's cross

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On 11/28/2014 Q2girl said: So, I guess you have better info than me because the link doesn't state that the Bronzo one will be available. No link yet for the Bronzo but when I stumble across it I will post. Continue Reading


Re: Sigh. Are cropped tops coming back?

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On 11/28/2014 Muttlvr said: .....and acid washed jeans, too. Weren't they ugly enough the first time around? Flashdance torn sweatshirts and leggings next? Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's cross

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On 11/28/2014 Q2girl said: So the Bronzo one will be available or just the crystal versions? There will be THREE cross necklaces during the 12 Days of Christmas promotion: 1. long cross with crystals in choice of colors 2. shorter cross with crystal in choice of colors 3. Bronzo cross in choice of colors All are Limited Edition and I expect on the $$$ side. Continue Reading


Sigh. Are cropped tops coming back?

Last Reply by luvingit 1417210458.063 | Started by gardensla in Fashion Talk

I thought cropped tops were a charming relic of the early Britney Spears era but am noticing them cropping up of late. Was watching General Hospital and two of the actresses were wearing belly-baring tops and today surfing Zara saw cropped tops there too. Not as short, but still showing a belly button. Say it ain't so! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's cross

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LINK Here's the number but not available. There's also a second version that's smaller and more asymmetric. This cross, and the Bronzo one we all want, are Limited Editions of 500 pieces. Good luck getting one! Continue Reading


Re: Sephora's website already crashed and the sale hasn't even started yet

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They must have brought in plenty because everything in the $10 section is still available including Purity. Last year they had better things such as Bliss body washes which went fast. This year's offerings are pretty uninspiring, in my opinion. Which is not to say that I didn't fill a cart. Continue Reading


Re: What is your opinion?

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It's a young look to be sure, but depends on how you style it? Continue Reading


Re: When Do The Sephora Black Friday Deals Start?

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It was slow but it works. I have to say this year's $10 deals weren't as impressive as last year. It was a lot of the same sort of thing such as face wash and hand creme. Continue Reading


Re: Didn't think there could be less tissue paper on the roll but every time I buy it, the roll gets smaller.

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On 11/27/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: On 11/27/2014 gardensla said: I haven't read the entire thread but wanted to add that I bought a box of Kleenex holiday tissues and was shocked to find that there could not have been 30 pieces inside. And, they were thin. I checked the box and they don't even list how many tissues are inside. Such a rip off. I have become ridiculously obsessed with reading how many sheets ..... On those holiday tissues you just pay for the box. BTW .... have you tried the Kleenex Ultra that are 3 ply ? Or the blue box of "cooling" tissues ..... nice and thick! No, but I will. ... Continue Reading


Re: Wha do you think the most comfortable shoe brand is for you?

In All About Shoes 1417103414.65

Huge fan of Aquatalia and Pikolinos. All day comfortable and also quite cute! Continue Reading

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