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Re: My Palm Leaf Necklace (J290362) Just Arrived! Better than Chocolate!

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Mine just shipped today so probably wear it next weekend. Excited that you've given this such a rave review! Continue Reading


Re: Edward Bess

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On 4/18/2014 Chi-town girl said: Love it! Looks clean & healthy. Kind of that Johnny Depp sexy vibe. and he seems like a rather nice and down-to-earth guy. Continue Reading


Re: LACE JACKET A223652 Must See IVORY

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Wow, that is a must-have. I wear the raspberry lace often but the ivory is just awesome. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty with Benefits: What are you buying?

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On 4/18/2014 Funloving said: Almost everything is back in stock, with same price and low ship. I think this event was sort of confusing as most (I know I did) expected it to be similar to other charity event where goods are 1/2 off and a steal. True more $$$ goes to the charity this way, but there's no real other incentive to buy. Certainly not a gift bag filled with the usual QVC brands (which is not to look a gift in the mouth...just saying!) Continue Reading


Re: Kiehl's - what has your experience been with this line?

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I think their body lotions are really nice and the hand creams too. Not a huge fan of the skin care and I find the body washes smell nice in the bottle but fade to nothing once applied. Continue Reading


Re: What did you PURCHase this past week, Beauties 4/18/14??

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Just a pot of Lipstick Queen blush/gloss from last nights beauty benefit show. Waiting for better weather to treat myself to some pretty new summery color cosmetics! Continue Reading


Re: What to wear with twig pants?

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I love black over neutral so I'd try that (and you only have to look at Jac to see how fierce is a blonde in black!). Continue Reading


Re: The Linea Denims have finally arrived!

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Jeans Vest Dress Jeans are already broken sizes and colors. Continue Reading


Re: Horrendous prints/fabrics

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On 4/17/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: Printed bottoms are out there in so many stores. How come no one is saying anything bad about that?! Because they're available at Nordstrom they're somehow fine? Since they're coming from Susan that makes them horrible? I don't think it has less to do about Susan and more to do with the dark colors and abstract prints that don't seem very seasonal. Continue Reading

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