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New Fall Cleansing Conditioners

Last Reply by RawkinFoodie 1409429511.18 | Started by sunshineflower in WEN

I LOVE the Summer Honey Peach CC. My hair seems to do well with this CC. (I am currently on a chemo that allows my hair to grow back). If I understand correctly, the Summer Honey Peach contains no wheat, glutens or nuts. Does anyone know if the new Fall Cleansing conditions also contain no wheat, glutens or nuts? Looking at the ingredient list for Tuscan Pear, I don't see those items listed, but possibly I'm over looking them, or their listed by another name that I'm not familiar with. Thank you in advance for you help, Have a great weekend, Sunshineflower Continue Reading


Carolyn's Dress on Sat Q/Beauty Best

Last Reply by lolakimono 1408273864.96 | Started by sunshineflower in Fashion Talk

I think Carolyn's new hair cut looks so pretty on her!! I would love to have the cut myself. Makes her look younger in my opinion. I love her dress! Does anyone know if this dress is sold at Q? Thank you so much in advance, Sunshineflower Continue Reading


iPhone Screen Size

Last Reply by okiebug 1399084370.153 | Started by sunshineflower in Electronics Talk

DH and I own iPhones (4S) We have no problem with the performance with the phones, we've just grown tired of the small screen. Our thought was Apple would unveil a phone w/ a larger screen size to compete with the Samsung, but of course nothing as of yet. We also own MacBook Pro and iPad. We're unclear the Samsung OS is compatible with these. Any help or suggestions we would appreciate! Thank you so much, sunshine flower Continue Reading


Re: Have questions about the KitchenAid 4.5qt. 300 Watt 10 Speed Mixer? Ask our KitchenAid team of experts!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1396190056.76

Can you tell me if KitchenAid will be presenting their blender today, and if so what show it will be on so I can be sure to tune in. Thank you. Continue Reading


Kindle Fire Question

Started by sunshineflower in Electronics Talk 1378574698.4

I recently received Kindle Fire as a gift! I noticed I cannot view QVC live, however I can view video ( such as YouTube) with no problem- Any direction would be appreciated. I would like to view their live broadcast. TIA Sunshineflower Continue Reading


Re: What Hair Dryer do you Recommend?

In Beauty Banter 1372518462.103

Oh my goodness thank you so much! I had forgot that Chaz Dean uses the Super Solano dryer (and I heard that long ago) I'll definately head to folica dot com this afternoon!!! Thank you again! Continue Reading


Gluten Free Eating

Last Reply by cairnlover 1373195605.057 | Started by sunshineflower in Health & Fitness

Can you please direct me how I can find more information on Gluten Free eating? After watching a recent Dr. Oz show, I'm thinking Gluten may be a contributing factor in my fatigue. I'm old school, so the information presented on his show was new to me - therefore I want to learn more about it - and how/where to purchase foods that do not contain Gluten. Thank you so much, Sunshineflower Continue Reading


What Hair Dryer do you Recommend?

Last Reply by ItsME 1372607473.183 | Started by sunshineflower in Beauty Banter

I purchased my T3 from QVC in December 2011 and it stopped working a couple weeks ago. DH took it apart in hoping to make a repair but the fan blades were shot. What hair dryer to you recommend to blow out natural curly hair, but still help with shine and faster drying time like the T3? Thank you so much! Sunshineflower Continue Reading


Keurig K-Cup Carousel Tower in Cinnamon

Last Reply by dealchaser 1364492792.1 | Started by sunshineflower in Viewpoints

Anyone know why the Keurig K Cup Carousel Tower item K3799 is no longer available in Cinnamon? I saw it on Q the day I ordered the Keurig (was the TSV) and should of ordered it then, but didn't. Now I can't find the Carousel Tower in Cinnamon anywhere!!!! I have looked at every website I can think of and no one has them. It's like they just disappeared!!! Anyone having trouble finding this color or know what the deal is? Thank you in advance, Sunshineflower Continue Reading


Website for Magazine Subscriptions

Last Reply by chickenbutt 1356894976.807 | Started by sunshineflower in Viewpoints

Is anyone familiar with Tanga dot com for Magazine subscriptions? Some listed for today's purchase as low as $2.99. TIA,<br /> Sunshineflower Continue Reading

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