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Re: Aerin Cosmetics

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I love the original fragrance and was excited to try the sampler pack even though it was a bit pricey for little vials. Turns out, I really don't like any of them except the lilac, which I will use as my springtime scent. The first year the make-up was out, I bought palettes that I loved, but after that they just seemed blah, including the packaging. Continue Reading


Re: Limited Edition Holiday Nail Polish by Christian Louboutin

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Too bad they didn't offer it during Friends and Family... Obscene Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed with my first Botox results. Has this happened to anybody else?

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I had botox to my 11s about six years ago and one line went away completely and while the other just intensified. Decided it was not worth the money especially since I really don't know what it is doing to my body. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Florida Keys Recs?

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Islamorada- my daughter was married at Cheeca and we really didn't need to drive anywhere, just enjoy the beautiful setting. Can walk to some local restaurants such as the Green Turtle, Pierres at Morada Bay. Key West- a lot of fun, restaurants, bars, music with a huge variety of places to stay. Continue Reading


Re: PTR, ole, dr denese

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I have been using Restorsea which I absolutely love, but it is pricey so decided to try out PTR since I liked his masks. I bought two kits (the unwrinkle and the gold mask one) and am going to see what I think. Actually, it is more intense as to the number of products (just when I used up my Isomers' stash), but I do like the gold mask, the unwrinkle pads and that entire set. I have dry, skin with fine lines and no problems with the products. Too early for results. But, I think that when I look at the price of all of the different products, compared to using three Restorsea, I may go back t... Continue Reading


Re: New Haven, CT . . . travel tips needed.

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Get in line for a white clam pizza at Pepe's! Continue Reading


Re: OT-Fitbit bands

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mcall1020- my fitbit flex did the same thing and would not charge. I had just gotten my second one when I decided to get the Tory bands. I just noticed on their facebook page how common this is. I have learned to do more research via social media before making any more purchases such as this. Continue Reading


OT-Fitbit bands

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Just a warning- the Tory Burch plastic Fitbit bands ($38) have defective clasp and fall off. I learned the hard way and lost my Fitbit flex and band($138 total). I then read reviews on the Tory Burch site and found that this was a very common problem, so I am trying to get the word out on via social media.... Continue Reading


Re: O/T - Vocal Cord Growth

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My daughter had a vocal cord growth several years ago. She was diagnosed and monitored by an ENT doctor, but when it increased in size and was possibly malignant, he referred her to a specialist at Yale Hospital. She had surgery there, it was not cancer. I cannot imagine having a biopsy done anywhere else than a hospital with a surgeon. Doubtful that Joan Rivers would not be at a hospital having that procedure done, although she could have been having a scope done (and that usually does not cause cardiac arrest). Continue Reading


Re: Need reviews of Ulta Benefit Brow Bar waxing--worth it?

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I started getting my brows waxed and tinted at a free-standing Benefit store in Connecticut and loved it, so was a little hesitant about the Ulta "stand" in Atlanta area when I moved here. No need- brows were done to perfection, but it was only available certain hours. Since I travel to NYC frequently I try to get them done at the upper Eastside Benefit (3rd Ave and upper 70s). You can book an appointment online to avoid the inevitable wait time. Continue Reading

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