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Re: New Haven, CT . . . travel tips needed.

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Get in line for a white clam pizza at Pepe's! Continue Reading


Re: OT-Fitbit bands

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mcall1020- my fitbit flex did the same thing and would not charge. I had just gotten my second one when I decided to get the Tory bands. I just noticed on their facebook page how common this is. I have learned to do more research via social media before making any more purchases such as this. Continue Reading


OT-Fitbit bands

Last Reply by roxyrn 1410563627.167 | Started by roxyrn in Beauty Banter

Just a warning- the Tory Burch plastic Fitbit bands ($38) have defective clasp and fall off. I learned the hard way and lost my Fitbit flex and band($138 total). I then read reviews on the Tory Burch site and found that this was a very common problem, so I am trying to get the word out on via social media.... Continue Reading


Re: O/T - Vocal Cord Growth

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My daughter had a vocal cord growth several years ago. She was diagnosed and monitored by an ENT doctor, but when it increased in size and was possibly malignant, he referred her to a specialist at Yale Hospital. She had surgery there, it was not cancer. I cannot imagine having a biopsy done anywhere else than a hospital with a surgeon. Doubtful that Joan Rivers would not be at a hospital having that procedure done, although she could have been having a scope done (and that usually does not cause cardiac arrest). Continue Reading


Re: Need reviews of Ulta Benefit Brow Bar waxing--worth it?

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I started getting my brows waxed and tinted at a free-standing Benefit store in Connecticut and loved it, so was a little hesitant about the Ulta "stand" in Atlanta area when I moved here. No need- brows were done to perfection, but it was only available certain hours. Since I travel to NYC frequently I try to get them done at the upper Eastside Benefit (3rd Ave and upper 70s). You can book an appointment online to avoid the inevitable wait time. Continue Reading


Re: Best Eye area SPF?

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Supergoop eye cream with SPF. Continue Reading


Re: Fit Bit bracelet . . . where is the best place to buy some new colors?

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I am also waiting for the Tory fitbit before purchasing. Continue Reading


Re: OT--How often do you weigh yourself?

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I only check my weight once a year- at my annual physical. The way my clothes fit is a better indication than a number on the scale. Last summer I had a personal trainer who advised against frequent weight checks because muscle weighs more than fat, so getting in shape often doesn't lead to weight loss. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite suncreen

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Try Sephora's Sun Safety kit- I got mine last week and it is filled with a variety of products. Continue Reading

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