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Re: Pancake had her kittens yesterday...

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Thursday Morning Greetings What a surprise...it's snowing...yet again!!!! Schools here are closed but otherwise businesses,banks,etc. are still opening so it's no snow day for me. Bummer. Naturally the road that I live on has yet to be plowed and sanded/salted but I have my trusty Jeep and I'll take my time getting to where ever I have to go. It's Girl Scout cookie time (I used to sell them when I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout) and my favorite has always been the thin mints. I just ordered three boxes of them from the little girl who lives across the road from me and can't wait till they are... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Sammycat... God Bless you and DH for caring for these precious kitties. I pray that every single one of them wound up in a forever home that was as wonderful and loving as the one that you gave to Schmoo,Sophie,Sammy and Fergus. beauty... My heart truly aches for you because I know how badly you wanted to catch Pal,have him neutered and give him a forever home. I will continue to pray that he comes back to you so that you won't have to wonder what ever happened to him. Sending you tons of Comfort Hugs. (((((((((((BEAUTY)))))))))) Sending out more special prayers to all of the beloved furbabi... Continue Reading


Re: Pancake had her kittens yesterday...

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On 3/2/2015 newtoallthis said: I don't post much, but try to read (lurk) as much as I can. I love animals and my heart has broken for each of you that has suffered the loss of your pet. I have one cat left. He is a 17 year old that was rescued from a parking lot. I lost a 16 year old in Dec. 2013 and a 14 year old in Nov. 2014. They were both rescues. I grieve for them daily. I know what you mean Puglet. I talk to my "boys" everyday. Sometimes I reach and stoke the computer screen with their picture. I dread when the time comes for this one to go to the Bridge. I am so happy you have Mr. M. H... Continue Reading


Re: I'm Worried About My Dog, Nick

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Sending tons of very special prayers to your precious Nick and lots of Comfort Hugs to the both of you. (((((((((((((NICKNACK & HER BELOVED NICK))))))))))) ----------------------------------------------------- All of my children have paws =^..^= Continue Reading


Re: We lost our little Peanut yesterday.....

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My heart goes out to you and your boyfriend on the devastating loss of your beloved Peanut. I can relate to the heartache that you're both feeling right now as I have been down that terrible road many times before and will be again at some point in time as I'm "Mommy" to five kitties...all of whom I rescued. Please find solace in the fact that Peanut knew how much he was loved and that he's now happily running like a puppy with all of his new friends thru the Sunlit meadows of that most blessed place on the other side of The Bridge. ------------------------------------------------------ All ... Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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On 3/1/2015 LoopyLoo said: Wow beastie, you are a lucky duck! I can't even believe that I caved and bought a few things from BBSilver Day! Wait a minute--I'm going to slap my face--there, I feel better now! (Ow!) Ooh I might have to check out EVINE--if I dare to! Can't wait to hear about your new ring! Enjoy it in the best of health! I only bought one item and that was the sterling silver X design ring (item #J323071). Got it in the black rhodium and the price sure was right...$19.88!!! Doesn't ship till the end of May but that's fine by me. If you want to check out the ring that I ordered o... Continue Reading


Re: Pancake had her kittens yesterday...

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Monday Morning Greetings puglet... OMG! Mr.M is absolutely precious! Sending your new furbaby tons of kisses...please deliver! I also have no doubt in my mind that Chance's spirit made sure that Mr.M came into your life so that you could save his. Yahooey... I remember that movie..Mannequin. A young Kim Cattrel was the mannequin who came to life and if I recall correctly Andrew McCarthy was the department store employee who fell in love with her. Wishing that all of you Pancakers have a totally fabulous day and that it marks the beginning of a week that brings you much happiness,good health a... Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner March 2 - 8, 2015

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Monday Morning Greetings Wishing that all of you dear PCCers have a very pleasant day and that it marks the beginning of a week that brings you much happiness,good health and lots of pawsome stuff! Sending out lots of very special prayers to sweet Schatzie and to all of the other precious furbabies and homeless animals who are in need. ------------------------------------------------------ All of my children have paws =^..^= Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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Sunday Greetings I was channel surfing last week and came across a channel I had never heard of before...EVINE. Apparently it used to be SHOP HQ...another shopping channel that I had never heard of. What made me stop and watch was the beautiful jewelry from Israel that they were presenting. Their special of the day was this stunning sterling silver ring with a 9mm pearl and the special price was only $49.95. I love pearls...and happily they are also my birthstone. I went to their website to get more information about EVINE and found out that if I signed up for their e-mails I would get 15% of... Continue Reading


Re: Pancake had her kittens yesterday...

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Sunday Morning Greetings puglet... I'm there with you...waiting for this unbearable and heinous winter to end. The snow is bad enough but it's the never ending Arctic temps that I find extremely difficult to deal with. There are times during the week when I don't go to the sports club to do my evening workout classes because once I've come back home where it's warm and cozy, and even though the sports club is less than 10 minutes away, I just can't bear the thought of going back out into those below zero temps. Hoping that all is well with you wonder-fur Pancakers and wishing everyone a very ... Continue Reading

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