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Re: Dooney hobo bag - had enough?

In Dooney & Bourke 1418847363.933

I could be wrong, but I think the hobo that is similar to this one and offered in the marketplace is quite a bit smaller than the Logo Lock. And lighter. Continue Reading


Re: Nashville Winter Finale

In TV Talk 1418781490.623

He played space cadet Adam in Rules of Engagement. He is a good actor. He played a little guitar in this episode. Continue Reading


Re: Nashville Winter Finale

In TV Talk 1418578018.46

Works for me but I think she is considered too young for such a procedure. But Scarlett his niece is not if she is a match. Continue Reading


Re: Bad Move, Modern Family

In TV Talk 1418577910.16

I totally agree with you. Bad form, and such a dangerous message ABC! Continue Reading


Re: Which Dooney are you now craving (but don't have yet)?

In Dooney & Bourke 1418575965.357

I like this bag but it is too big for me. It is three inches wider(across the bottom) than a large Spade that I have. This would be like carrying a suitcase for me. The Tivoli is not the same bag and it is even larger!! Hope they make the coated cotton in a scaled down version. Continue Reading


Re: Dooney and Bourke Tessuta

In Dooney & Bourke 1418567418.303

I like the Tessuta but I would have to buy it at brick and mortar to see if the weight is too much for me. And I would have to look at the weaving to make sure that is is straight across the bottom. In the picture a number of the bags show that they did not piece the woven portion straight when attaching to the leather bottom. Might not bother most but would bug me. It's the kind of thing my eye is drawn to particularly since we are talking about lots of little squares appearing crooked. And Suz I would also want to make sure that the weaving is tight. I had a woven bag many many years ago wh... Continue Reading


Re: Nashville Winter Finale

In TV Talk 1418425188.487

It was great!!! I am going to watch it again. I love the Avery/Juliet scenes! Will is such a hypocrite. Hope Layla makes it, divorces him and speaks out about the sham marriage. Wonder if Gunner will try to gain guardianship?? I see Rayna and Deacon together now until he dies from the liver damage. Don't like these long winter breaks either. Continue Reading


Re: iPad 2 Qustion?

In Electronics Talk 1418345463.043

Reinstall the FB app. Delete it by going to home page. Press the FB icon. All of the icons will shake with a little black x on them. Touch the FB icon and you will delete it. Touch the home button. Now click on the App Store button. Click on your purchases and click on FB to reinstall it. Now for Safari. I never have to sign back in on FB through safari. Go to Settings, Safari, Passwords &autofill, then turn on Names & Passwords. Hope one or both of these solves your problems. Continue Reading


Re: Cheryl's Cookies

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418332297.287

I love Cheryl's cookies. Sweet? Of course!! We just received a Holday Tower at work. I knew exactly what it was. My favorite is the Gingerbread unfrosted cookie. Grabbed one and ripped it open. Fresh and wonderful. They are not cheap, and at this time of year they can take too long to be delivered. But they are far from Gross. Far, far far!! Continue Reading


Re: on the 9th day....

In Dooney & Bourke 1418331610.777

With all of the negative, angry comments on Facebook, I sure wouldn't order anything with the expectation of getting it at all much less in time for Christmas. Apparently the website is not integrated with their inventory systems (if they have one at all). Continue Reading

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