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Re: Big Bang Theory - New Season

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I have long thought that ultimately Sheldon should end up with Penny. He goes to Penny when he needs help etc. and vice versa she goes to him. They accept each other and seem to trust one another. That would be the way I would end this series. Continue Reading


Re: Big Bang Theory - New Season

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I have to admit that the Sheldon bits were a bit tiresome in this first hour of the season. Ensemble shows excel because of the collective efforts of the ensemble. That is why we watch. When one star becomes the focus the show becomes off balance and sometimes loose their audience. TBBT needs to be mindful of this. To me the funniest part of the premiere were the guys and the Stewart/Debbie "situation"! Sheldon and his meanness to both Amy and Howard was just uncalled for. The HR lady hiring Sheldon to teach was the dumbest premise ever. Just because Jim P. Has received back to back to back E... Continue Reading


Re: Boomer List on PBS

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No. I am not there. Continue Reading


Re: Do you like contrast stiching?

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No I don't like it particularly if it is white. I don't like the look and it can get dirty very easily. Continue Reading


Re: Commitment overload. Does anyone else do this to themselves? I need to stop volunteering.

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You just need to say No. Making all of that for one week much less a weekend is crazy. Two cakes, four quiches, 2 doz cupcakes, deviled eggs, fruit plate, crackers/ cheese???? Makes me tired just thinking about it. Even if you bought it all, that is too much IMHO for one individual to agree to bring over a two day period. But I expect you enjoy it. Everyone knows NO. Continue Reading



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On 9/18/2014 brandiwine said: I don't go by reviews, but this is the stupidest show I've seen in a very long time. Zero entertainment value at our house. I love Debra Messing and have watched many of her series. Have no idea what she was thinking when she agreed to this. I agree ! I watched the entire show and it was just a hot mess!! I thought the writing was poor. Her solving the crime based on the ring and her explanation left me saying Say What?? In the beginning of the show the writers seemed to be doing a parody of Clue, the board game, a really bad one. Her actions as a rogue cop were... Continue Reading


Re: Downton Abbey Fans: There has been a Clooney sighting!

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He will not be on the actual show---read this. Not only is George Clooney about to marry a Brit, he's also set to visit the ultimate British period drama – Downton Abbey. A spokesperson for ITV, which broadcasts the show in the United Kingdom, confirms to PEOPLE that the Oscar winner is participating in a short charity sketch set in the Downton Abbey world that will air "around Christmas time." Alas, his character will not appear on the actual show, which premieres its fifth season Sept. 21 in the U.K. The actor, 53, will appear in a one-off sketch aiding the ITV charity Text Santa &nda... Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone TRY to watch the Dooney presentation with Lisa and Sue Saturday night?

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I saw it. It is a sales tactic. I fell asleep soon there after. Woke up and they were pushing the lazy boy. Continue Reading


Re: The Zebra.....

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On 9/13/2014 SiouxBee39 said: For that price, there should be feet on the bottom of that bag ! Yep! Continue Reading


Re: One time only...

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Opening too small. Hate it. Continue Reading

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