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Re: Duggar watchers only....whatcha think?

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Annabellecat the duggars do not believe in birth control of any kind including the rhythm method. They are taught that they must be available to their husbands at all times. It is pretty clear who was molested. TLC will cancel the show eventually. The youngest victim is not yet even 18. Continue Reading


Re: iPad users......help

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On 5/28/2015 Ane1There said: Thank you all for replying! If figured I would wait either until the back-to-school sales or when QVC has a Black Friday / Christmas bundle. While I do useva few apps on the iPod (Retail Me Not, Instagram, Vudu, YouTube, Walmart...Savings Catcher, iHeartRadio, and QVC for YHJ to mirror onto the Apple Tv), I'm not glued to it. I'm more likely to have the Kindle with me for movies or web use due to a larger screen and easier typing. I want to start using the Kindle for books or magazines, knitting patterns, and being easy travel with due to size so the iPad could st... Continue Reading


Re: When are they going to start shipping Sunday's bags??

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On 5/27/2015 Roni18 said: I got the TSV in white. It is really pretty. I just loaded it up today. I'm not sure if I will love the drawstring top or not, but it is a beautiful bag. The wristlet is a great size. It holds my iphone 6 with room to spare. Roni the coated cotton will soften and in a couple of days you will be able to pull it tight and it will stay shut. Just a little breaking in. Continue Reading


Re: coated cotton small shopper

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Hard to say really. I would go thru the reviews and see if anyone describes the pink. My guess and it is only a guess, is that the pink is closer to the bright pink because on my iPad the way they describe the other colors is what I see on my iPad. And on my iPad the color I see in the video is a bright fluorescent pink. If you haven't noticed that bag has a red coated cotton interior, something you either like or think looks likes plastic. Continue Reading


Re: New Dooney, first cotton coated D&B-question

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The Mothers Day TSV is my first coated cotton. I have been carrying it for two weeks and I love it. Good to hear that they wear as well as I thought they would. Enjoy yours, mine makes me happy. Continue Reading


Re: Lifetime's .......... Grace of Monaco with Nicole Kidman, May 25th

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A snooze fest. Kept thinking it would get better. I was not impressed with Nicole at all. Continue Reading


Re: Unauthorized Purchase

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Call the credit card company and tell them that you want to dispute the charge under the Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z. And tell them to freeze all activity on the account. The official notification must be in writing to protect your rights. Please read this information from the Justice Department. http://doj.nh.gov/consumer/sourcebook/credit-cards.htm Continue Reading


Re: Too Many TV Shows

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On 5/23/2015 blahblahvampemerblah said: There are a lot of shows for sure, and new episodes can be hard to keep up with, but I find a lot of them aren't all that good. So many come down to simple dysfunction as their plot device, and it can get boring. Absolutely, criminal activity, drugs etc. Get enough of that on the news. Continue Reading


Re: Too Many TV Shows

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I know exactly what you are saying North. It is definitely more programming to keep up with. So I don't even try. If I hear about something someone else likes I give it a try. I watch less TV than I used to, particularly series. I loved you mentioned Jeopardy! I think Jeopardy and The news What is Trending segments are where I learn pop culture!! Continue Reading


Re: Four Days of Summer Fun @ Dooney

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I never get the emails either, and I have purchased from site, ilovedooney and an outlet and I am in their system. Anyway, nothing today for me either, Sanibel is a total miss for me. I am still reveling in my TSVs. Continue Reading

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