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Re: Apply products don't "just work"

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Do you need to have Bluetooth on? Also there is an IOS 8.1.1 update. PS there have been so many reported issues when updating a MacBook Pro circa 2011 to Yosemite that I will not update for several months at least. Continue Reading



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First hold the home and the power button down together for about five seconds and see if it comes on. This does a soft reset I think. If that doesn't work plug it into your computer and see if it comes back to life. This dead thing happens from time to time on most of the devices. Be sure when you turn it off in the future that you have closed your open applications. Hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: My new Dooney TSV smells fishy

In Dooney & Bourke 1416505420.897

Another reason to wait until the line is available at Nordstrom where I can touch and smell it! And I have come to conclude that it is the lining and not the leather that smells. Continue Reading


Re: Tobi tote is lunchtime special

In Dooney & Bourke 1416505204.887

And it went fast! I missed it. Continue Reading



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Yep they gave the weight in each presentation that I watched. Continue Reading


Re: In case you missed it......another iOS update to download.

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I updated today and it took a long time like two hours for a small download. Said it was for bug fixes and Ipad 2 and iPhone four fixes. I have an air 2 and I can see that Safari is faster accessing QVC pages this afternoon. Maybe just a coincidence. Who knows. Continue Reading


Re: MIKE & MOLLY To Replace THE MILLERS On Monday; Will MOM Stay On Thursday?

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I agree and Two Broke Girls has totally lost me. it is all overt raunchy S-X Talk. And the dark headed broke girl cannot act. Continue Reading


Re: Sharif Bags - Can Someone Weigh In?

In All About Handbags 1416268219.85

I haven't purchased one of his handbags, they are a little too flashy for me. However I bought a phone wristlet that perfectly fits my iPhone 5s in its Apple leather case. It is 343-302. It is saffiano leather and well made. The first one I purchased was the blue print and then I went back for the brown print! Continue Reading


Re: Who is watching The Paradise on Masterpiece? COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS

In Viewpoints 1416203192.233

Boy do I agree. And where was this supposed to take place? Such a jumble of accents. I assumed it was here but tonight they made reference to getting a boat to America. The reconciliation of Westin and Katherine made me want to throw eggs at the tv. Continue Reading


Re: Today's Special Value (11/15)

In Dooney & Bourke 1416154885.683

Fell asleep and never saw the OTO. Didn't think it was that much of a deal anyway. Maybe there is a video I can watch this morning. I almost purchased the TSV several times but ultimately did not. I love the new lining and the design, interior and exterior of the bag, but recently purchased a Kate Spade shopper with the same interior design that is black with natural handles etc that is exquisite. I also didn't think the price was great and I don't need the extras. So I decided to wait to see what else they introduce in the spring at Nordstroms where I can actually try the bag. And also can g... Continue Reading

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