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Re: The Thing Is

In Dooney & Bourke 1396825791.343

Yes I realize it is a sales strategy. But it is one thing to have a thirty day return policy unused. And it is quite another to encourage people to use a bag and then return it. I sure don't want somebody's used returned bag. If I return a bag it hasn't gone out of my house. I think they need to rethink how the terms of the 30-day return period are implemented. Which apparently is unconditional. And I do think there are people that would hear this and say ok then I will get this bag use it for several weeks. And all it costs me is return shipping. Of course if you do it excessively you might ... Continue Reading


The Thing Is

Last Reply by depglass 1397750577.29 | Started by Shawnie in Dooney & Bourke

Marybeth when you tell people they can "use" a bag for three or four weeks and then send it back if it isn't what they wanted, you are inviting return abuse. And "use" is Marybeth's exact word she used on the florentine letter carrier that was presented about 6:40. Continue Reading


Re: Mr. Selfridge Question/Different Husband?

In TV Talk 1396316214.66

Agnes and victor were not on good terms because she turned him down and instead had an affair with Henri before he went to New York. Continue Reading


Re: Odd smell w/ a B. Makowsky bag. Normal?

In All About Handbags 1395973903.657

I would send it back. No way to tell whether airing it out would do the trick within the return period. I had a set of lock lock two years ago that had a similar smell. Washed it. Didn't do any good. Never had had that smell on any other set. Finally sent it back. There is speculation from time to time on what these smells are. Some say it is some kind of fumigating they do on the ships. But you know whether it is a chemical smell. There is a distinctive difference between leather and a funny chemical smell. Continue Reading


Re: Polish Stoneware Ex Pats, String 2

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1395363283.91

Hi Karen, Hopi and Loopy! I haven't checked our thread in a while. Just clicked on my shortcut and it didn't work. Guess they blew us up for lack of activity. I haven't bought anything since last august! I guess I am in recovery, HAHA! Our winter has been hard and I was ready for spring to arrive today, but then the weatherman said that we have two chances for snow next week! Continue Reading


Re: There is a new D&B lambskin leather "Tobi" tote

In Dooney & Bourke 1394917625.787

Just saw the presentation. Pretty clear the only way the bag would stand up would be if you packed it full. Too bad. Continue Reading


Re: There is a new D&B lambskin leather "Tobi" tote

In Dooney & Bourke 1394546130.427

On 3/10/2014 MSA2004 said: It's similar to the O-Ring, but the Tobi has longer straps that actually fit on your shoulder. Longer straps great. Waiting to see if it has structure. Love all the colors. Continue Reading


Re: There is a new D&B lambskin leather "Tobi" tote

In Dooney & Bourke 1394222763.763

Isn't this just the oring shopper? They a selection on sale at ilovedooney for $134. Continue Reading


Re: There is a new D&B lambskin leather "Tobi" tote

In Dooney & Bourke 1394222516.18

This is virtually the same profile as the nylon zip top shopper they offer. I have that bag in the giraffe and use it a lot. But the nylon one has no structure whatsoever. Does anyone know whether the lamb will stand up or will it collapse too. BTW I think the price $288 is awfully steep. Awfully. Continue Reading


Re: OSCARS - Who Should Host Next Year?

In TV Talk 1393976859.16

Tom Bergeron, the host of dancing with the stars. He keeps it going even if the stars pass out. I didn't care for Ellen. As the kids say I thought she was lame. Continue Reading

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