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Re: Downton Abbey Fans: There has been a Clooney sighting!

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He will not be on the actual show---read this. Not only is George Clooney about to marry a Brit, he's also set to visit the ultimate British period drama – Downton Abbey. A spokesperson for ITV, which broadcasts the show in the United Kingdom, confirms to PEOPLE that the Oscar winner is participating in a short charity sketch set in the Downton Abbey world that will air "around Christmas time." Alas, his character will not appear on the actual show, which premieres its fifth season Sept. 21 in the U.K. The actor, 53, will appear in a one-off sketch aiding the ITV charity Text Santa &nda... Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone TRY to watch the Dooney presentation with Lisa and Sue Saturday night?

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I saw it. It is a sales tactic. I fell asleep soon there after. Woke up and they were pushing the lazy boy. Continue Reading


Re: The Zebra.....

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On 9/13/2014 SiouxBee39 said: For that price, there should be feet on the bottom of that bag ! Yep! Continue Reading


Re: One time only...

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Opening too small. Hate it. Continue Reading


Re: Jill is snippy!

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On 9/13/2014 BigBro6 said: Wow, I just watched on TiVo ! She was a snot to the vendor, plain and simple. I agree with you. I was reading a book and when I heard her tone of voice change I started watching. She was out of line. Continue Reading


Re: Nice sale at Kate Spade outlet !

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I have not purchased from the outlet or the website sale because it says they are not returnable. That is a no go for me. Continue Reading


Re: Turquoise for Fall?

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I really like the turquoise bag! Is it heavy? Can you describe the leather? Continue Reading


Re: Really, Dooney?

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Baseball is a snooze for me BUT I think this bag is adorable! Continue Reading


Re: THE SIXTIES CNN -- Airline 'Stewardess' required to retire at 32 - 35?

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On 8/19/2014 LizAnne said: I read an interesting article in Vanity Fair some years ago. It was about how glamorous air travel used to be back in the 60's/early 70's. Passengers dressed in their Sunday best and stewardesses were akin to movie stars. I was hoping the ill fated PanAm series would take off (so to speak). It's a shame it was a bomb because the potential for a show like that is there. I was so disappointed when Pan Am was cancelled! Loved it!!! Continue Reading


Re: Al Roker Birthday Observation

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I thought it was odd that there was no mention of her at all too. I also thought that it was odd that he referred to his kids as "my" children rather than "our" . Continue Reading

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