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Re: iMac question: What happened to my email??

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This is exactly why I am not downloading either Yosemite or iOS 8 probably for months. They are Beta testing on their customers in my opinion. So I will just wait until everybody else finishes telling them what is wrongmwith their two products. Continue Reading


Re: has anyone dared to download iOS 8.1 yet???

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I am waiting for the bugs to shake out. Tried to download Yosemite on my MacBook Pro and it wouldn't. Think I was better off. And not in the mood to be frustrated by iPhone or iPad hiccups in iOS 8! Continue Reading


Re: Ipad Help on Making Paragraphs Pls

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Thankyou Sidsmom! This is so interesting! This should display a shortcut kiss and this should be in normal size bold type! if I did it correctly ! Continue Reading


Re: Ipad Help on Making Paragraphs Pls

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This is without. this is with Continue Reading


Re: Christela...anyone like?

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I did like it more last night. She and the guy who wants to marry her need to relax. Their acting seems very forced. I don't think it will last long enough for it to get good.. I only had it on cause I was waiting for Shark Tank! Love the Sharks! Continue Reading


Re: Had Appointment With Family Doctor.... Asked For Flu Shot....No Flu Shots!

In Health & Fitness 1413510667.257

I got my flu shot at my local Safeway pharmacy. they have a nice room with flat screen, and private rooms where you get the shot. I was he only one there. Pharmacist gave me the best shot ever. Felt nothing. No copay. Continue Reading



In TV Talk 1413497126.257

Just watched last nights episode. Deacon is a looser. And so is big baby Avery. Deacon should have had a big cry a long time ago and moved on for good!! And Avery has had his cry and his drunk and it is time for him to grow a pair and move on. They are both weak weak weak. Poor Mr Mayor is going to be used by Jeff Jerk if he is not careful. Did anyone notice that Will and his "wife" were not in this episode??? Frankly, I think that storyline is offensive to country music. I think he should come out and thumb his nose at Jeff Jerk. This sordid night time soap is a guilty pleasure. :-) Continue Reading


Re: Upgrading to a new iPhone

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Yep. This has been true for some time. Once your contract expires with Verizon you can purchase your new phone at the discounted price. Continue Reading


Re: The Big Bang Theory: 10/13/14 Episode

In TV Talk 1413294970.113

I wanted to like it. And there were some funny bits. But to me it still isn't up to par. And grownup Penny and Raj are just strange to me. Continue Reading

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