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Re: Whitney Houston's daughter found unresponsive in tub

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I would guess that she elected to be in the condition she was found in. Continue Reading



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He needs to protect his person. Continue Reading


Re: Bruce Jenner

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OT but sorta linked. I left a friendship because the husband of a friend turned out to be a cross dresser. I just couldn't get past the fact he promoted himself as a 'man of god' and then when he thought others weren't looking, he became another person. He would point out the faults in others but never was honest with himself. Continue Reading


Re: Imitation Game

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There is already a thread here on this film. Continue Reading


Re: Bruce Jenner

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It's better to let men 'out' themselves so they don't involve females and take up time and the lives of others hiding what they really are. I mean this for both gay males and those who want to transition to be females. I have a trans-gender speaker/minister at my spiritual center. I find he or rather she has some words of wisdom to share but it also seems she is unhappy about something. She is unattractive in the way we view females but she has confidence in other ways. Continue Reading


Re: someone stole our son's SSN to use on their taxes!!!

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My SSN was also taken. Have to go and straighten things out. Continue Reading


Re: Suge Knight

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He's a bully and a low-life. He needs to pay for his crimes. Continue Reading


Re: Older Men Pursuing Much Younger Women

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The man may be just a plain ol stalker. Doesn't matter what the age on him is, he could just be an obsessed stalker. I still attract men but through the years I've had to be careful that I looked out for my life as some guys can be harmful. Men are attracted to women - young and not so young. Continue Reading


Re: Possible Ebola Patient in California

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What are folks dong to get this dreaded virus - don't the know they could die? Continue Reading

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