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Re: Oklahoma has had 850 earthquakes so far this year!

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No, I don't live in Oklahoma. It may not be fracking. NOW, that would be quite a concern as then the quakes could be building up to a major/larger temblor. Continue Reading


Re: Chateau de Gudanes blog

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ShesAllThat - That's funny - my neighbors husbands would purposely comment and compliment me on my efforts as well. I hauled roofing material up for my husband, helped bring down some overgrown dying trees, planted shrubs and roses, etc. Of course here came the remarks - "how is it you come to be down on the ground with the dirt"? or "Men are supposed to do those things". I just kept to my own business and got the jobs done. Like you, I could take myself out to lunch and shopping. With the savings of our labors, we were able to do many other things. I have no regrets and am wiser for t... Continue Reading


Re: Chateau de Gudanes blog

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ShesAllThat - I have to suspect my inkling for enjoying re-doing my home came from childhood. We had a playhouse with furniture and dishes that I would arrange and re-arrange, a dollhouse that I would also do the same. I liked being outside in the yard and enjoyed the plants and grass. I would be the first to go to the garden center with my dad to see all the plants, flowers, and shrubs. I so enjoyed the magazines with homes and their furnishings. As a child when we would pass by a neglected home I would wonder what I would do to improve that situation. Still do. I realize that my 'pa... Continue Reading


Re: Chateau de Gudanes blog

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Shesallthat - Years ago, (before 'flipping' was known or popular), we bought a fixer upper. It was the worst home in the area, like a haunted house of the street. It was formerly owned by people who practiced their lifestyle of abusing things, house included. I am not against doing the same work that traditionally males would do to clean up and fix a place. It's been years in the making and re-making but it is one of the nicer homes on the street. It appears like a happy home with happy curb appeal. I look back and wonder who was that gal who hauled bricks, windows, wood, dug dirt, remove... Continue Reading


Re: Chateau de Gudanes blog

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Thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard of this restoration. I greatly enjoy the home restoration/fixer upper shows (rehab addict and so on). I saw the pics on this place. It will be a lovely chateaux/home for whomever lives there - beautiful area too. I will try to keep up with the improvements and wish the best for all involved. Continue Reading


Re: Tattoo removal up 440%

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I know how expensive it is to remove a tattoo as I saw a new report on the prices of removal. I can't sympathize with those who want the removals for less than what they paid for their tattoo. They were informed of the permanence and many knew they are not attractive nor acceptable at a workplace. Continue Reading


Re: Suzanne Somers - seriously?

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Buck I Nana - I agree about the blood brain barrier.........to a point. Having been on chemo it did leave one with 'chemo brain. Fogginess. Something did happen. However, on the shampoos, they get rinsed off after you have washed. Some chemicals are okay to remove the dirt or body oils from the hair and scalp. Folks can't have it both ways. Continue Reading


Re: Old At 65??

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Curly White Dog - Great that you've beaten that varmint twice. Maybe it will learn it's lesson and not surface again. Buck-I-Nana - No, my friend didn't hear any bad medical news. It was just reaching the number that put them in a funk. Their family is fine but..........as my friend is worth millions, they wouldn't mind if my friend gave up the ghost so they can collect. Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Sunday

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Hello To All! For those with challenges of many sorts, I keep you I my highest thoughts for the best. To all who post/read, the same. Gloria, you sure do enjoy yummies in the Summer - that dessert sounded delish. My blessings I will share - Had good news on Friday. Went to see the museum exhibit on Pompeii yesterday with my husband. Well done and yet unfortunate for those who perished. In their loss, science has studied and gained knowledge on such natural disasters so that we do not have to fear such natural disasters. Then lunch at a Japanese eatery we both enjoy and my husband purchas... Continue Reading

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