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Re: Do You Know Anyone

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Yes. Today, so many people are just full of themselves. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Phil Thursday

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It takes two - always does. If she is a hore, then what is he???? Find an appropriate label. Continue Reading


Re: Do you look better in bold jewelry, delicate jewelry, or something in between?

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I wear all of it and look good in all of it. Truthfully. Continue Reading


Re: Botulism at Church PotLuck

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Potluck Functions? Things like that just aren't really done with a lot of folks. It's all from time past. Well, at least in my neck of the woods. Sorry for those that got sick - it will be a while if at all before they ever trust anyone else's cooking or food prep. Continue Reading


Re: Is there a link between Genetically modified babies and transgender children?

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Huh ??? Genetically altered babies? Why would any woman want to allow to be an experiment for that one. Four and five year olds don't even know how their bodies function yet alone know if they want a major surgery to alter things. I don't understand the need the desperate need to have children or not have a life. With so many unwanted children in the world and nation, why is it so hard for some to find one around who needs love and a home? Dreaming that you want your own child is just that - dreaming, if you can't have one. Face facts and go on in life. Why is it such a big deal. Continue Reading


Re: Suzanne Somers on my last nerve

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On 4/22/2015 SoftRaindrops said: On 4/22/2015 Love Roses said: On 4/22/2015 lovescats said: Not that it really matters but I thought her hair was a wig. If she goes to such great doctors how could she be diagnosed with cancer if it was something caused by mold? I have to wonder if the cancer diagnosis was made up to sell her book. I thought the same on both your observations LovesCats. Not kidding, Lotus. Like many after age 30, they do become deteriorating hags but she didn't. Kept her cute shape and is going down with a fight to appear attractive. Attractive? There is plenty more to con... Continue Reading


Re: Dr Phil

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I won't watch. It's a tragedy that the girls went through what they did during their adolescence. Those are times that are supposed to be fun for a female. Having friends, hanging out, having a crush on a boy, parties, hobbies, school activities, contemplating a future university, college, or vocational training. There isn't any amount of money that will compensate what they went through. Continue Reading


Re: Oblaten cookies for $54.00 for 3 boxes?????

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Good info! Thanks. I think it would be great to start a thread where all the posters inform one another of where to locate the items the Q promotes that are sold elsewhere for much less. We could help one another save a buck or two. Continue Reading


Re: Where do these people get this money?

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Good question. There must be a money trail. Maybe they are not so hard off as they appear to be. Continue Reading


Re: Billy Joel Big News Today

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On 4/15/2015 lacey1 said: My 2 cents: If my 65 year old father married someone close to my age, and had a child with them-It would be strange, (to say the least). Sometimes these older men, really go off the deep end with younger women. It's one thing to have a mistress, but marry them and your kids lose their inheritance. I know it's his business, but that's what I think. Sorry Lacey1 - My FIL is 78 and seeing a 48 year old. He plans to move her in and have her live with him for the rest of his day. We also have lost our inheritance and anything our late MIL left to us. He'd rather be wi... Continue Reading

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