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Re: Shell Jewelry

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Thanks to all for posting. This is my second attempt. Yes, the metals will raise the price and some designs are breathtaking. I have a few on leather cord for casual wear. My pricier items are on the metals. I enjoy them and don't have an issue with them just because they are shells. They are not diamonds or pearls but they are just as lovely. Continue Reading


Re: If you raised your own grandchild from birth, what would you do...

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On 4/14/2014 ennui1 said: Did you know that if you are raising and have custody of your grandchild, you can sue both your daughter and the baby's father for child support? Sometimes, a visit to Family Court and a wage assignment are necessary. I feel the same as this poster. Having children doesn't mean you get to take advantage of grandma and use her. Continue Reading


Re: Shell Jewelry

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I have a few pieces of shell jewelry and it looks very nice. I am not referring to the touristy looking stuff. I get admirers until they learn the item/s are made of shell. Continue Reading


Re: They are MINE...thank you!

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It's just plain ignorance on the part of others. At first, reading your thread title, I thought that you were going to state you had implants and others were questioning you about them. Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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All the gorgeous mahvelous beauties........Hello! I have the week off so I'm 'painting the barn' today. Will work on my tootsies as well. The cat is napping in the corner so we will miss my transformation. Better that he does. I haven't had the facial hair problem that gets mentioned....Darn! Maybe I'd look more attractive with whiskers like my two cats. It takes time to put myself back together so that I can go out in the world looking like a bonafide beauty. Now, if my butt would just cooperate. Hugs and lipstick kisses to all! Continue Reading


Re: Would You Be This Vain

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My first thought was that she didn't want to be disrupted in her walk. She might have just wanted some alone time and didn't feel like chatting. Continue Reading


Re: Cute wood chocolate bunny

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I like your share. I like the wood idea for the rabbit. I also wouldn't mind if it was done in a rusted metal either. Thanks for sharing. Continue Reading


Re: New Kind Of Prom Corsage

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I know it's youth being silly and doing their 'youth thing'. But when I was a kid growing up, we were sternly taught to never waste, play, or do stupid things with food. We were reminded how fortunate we were for having food to eat while others were not as fortunate as we were. It was almost a sacred thing - the reverence for the meal/food before us. Never would a chicken drumstick be considered a funny, silly ornament to play around with. Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Monday

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Hello To All! It's good to have a mom/daughter day Gloria. Yours went well. BobbiSue and Cakers - hello and take care everyone with the wacky weather going on presently. I many blessings and I want to continue to seek the will of the creator/spirit. I have days when I get in my own way. I have a week off so I want to spend my time in quiet contemplation and meditation, enjoying the peace of the spirit. Take care, Stay safe and warm. Be at peace and know you are loved. Continue Reading

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