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Re: What Did Your Father Teach or Impart to You During Your Childhood?

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On 8/28/2014 Deb1010again said: Mine was mostly negative. He always wanted a son and ended up with 3 daughters. Same here. What did he teach or impart? Nothing. Continue Reading


Re: angelina made an honest man out of brad this past weekend. married.

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I wish them both the best. She's a lovely female. Continue Reading


Re: Dogs on Restaurant Patios Approved By Gov. Brown

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If it's a working dog, I won't be bothered. If it's just a pet then NO. I don't let my cats in the kitchen or eating area when I prepare food or when we sit to dine/eat. The owner still has the right to refuse service and I have the right to leave the restaurant or eatery when someone comes in with an obnoxious beast. Guess some places will loose business - we will see how fast that law is rescinded. Continue Reading


Re: Do you feel flattered or annoyed when someone copies you?

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On 8/27/2014 colliemom3 said: On 8/27/2014 ROMARY said: Maybe if you explain with a bit of detail........... Someone I know buys everything I buy, copies my hair cut, just tries to be like me in the way I talk etc. At first I was flattered but I feel like it's sort of creepy? I just want to be me and have my own ideas and for them to be who they are. Does that make sense? I understand your plight. I have had similar experiences. For me, it depends on the person - whether I like them or not. I currently have a neighbor who has always been resentful of me and she tries to copy me and gets ... Continue Reading


Re: My Son March 9, 1965-August 26, 2014

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Sorry for your loss. Take care. Continue Reading


Re: This Made me Chuckle

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You're right. They all say anything to get people to buy. My great great grandmother wouldn't wear a coat I wore as a teen and vice versa. Continue Reading


Re: Do the fonts look different to you?

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Yes, the fonts grow from large to small and then the page gets compressed. Now to add to all that, the run time error and so on. It's been this way for about a week. Has the site been tampered with? Continue Reading


Re: ...and the award for the Worst Emmy Look goes to....

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Well at least the gal with the ruffled skirt was dressed and covered. The gal with the lace dress reminded me of how the ladies of early California might dress - like the Spanish colonials, etc. Continue Reading


Re: That Dreaded "Letter"

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I have never received 'the letter'. I haven't bought much from the Q as the quality is not the best. I like quality and value for my dollar. I do return things in great condition so maybe that is one small factor. As always, if a few are abusing the buy/return policy, everyone pays. Continue Reading

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