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Re: My 40-Lb. Life

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I don't understand the backers and producers of such shows to begin with. I don't find that sort of thing 'entertainment', amusement, or viewing interest. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know how to stop AARP from sending so much junk mail, & email?

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On 3/4/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: First ..... Unsubscribe. If mail comes to your home, mark Return to Sender, or take the postage paid envelope, put the mail they sent you, make a note indicating you don't want mail from them, and mail it back to them ... on their dime! I've never subscribed. They are a boiler room. I will follow your suggestion though. Continue Reading


Re: Ya gotta love painters........and a caution

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I've often heard about 'Masters' painting symbolic items and references in their works. Leonardo Da Vinci was said to have a sense of humor and did these things. Contemporary painters today do them as well. I like the mysteries as to why they did them. Many were against the church and its leaders over in Europe. Continue Reading


Re: coffee for health... new information

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On 3/4/2015 Justice4all said: A study I read recently said you LOSE clarity drinking coffee! NOW I know what's wrong with my husband. Continue Reading


Re: Snowden wants to return

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He may have done a good thing or he may just be a traitor. Until everything is revealed, we don't know. So, he wants to come back? How can he fix what he did? Continue Reading


Re: Stately Steel

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On 3/3/2015 pink dogwood said: love stately steel - many nicer designs than steel by design I have to agree. They are nicely done and not too bulky. Nice value on the today's special. Continue Reading


Re: Sea salt soap

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I have used two or three brands but can't remember the labels. I think one might have been from the Whole Foods Store label. There really isn't any scent that I can detect. For me, the salt is soothing on my skin. It all washes down the drain but I am left clean and smooth. Try some to know if you like it! Continue Reading


Re: Suzanne Sommers was on today will be tomorrow. E vine live.

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I am considering the hair care special. I've had good results using her beauty/hygiene products from the very start. Now, her things are pricey and I have cut back. Continue Reading


Re: coffee for health... new information

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Last week there was a news update claiming drinking coffee could lead to MS. What is one to believe. Continue Reading

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