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Re: Alfred Hitchcock Fans

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I have satellite so I don't know where or how to locate Antenna TV. Enjoyed 'Marnie' as one of my favorites. Continue Reading


Re: Trick or treaters

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Not yet as it's still light over here in Los Angeles. Lots of adults dressed up in stores and offices. Continue Reading


Re: Canada bans travel from Ebola-infected West African countries

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Only Canada knows why they do what they do. Continue Reading


Re: CDC quietly released ebola update on their website

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On 10/30/2014 dex said: I always believed that any body fluid from an infected person could pass the virus....not just vomit,sweat ,blood,etc. Ditto this BIG TIME!!! Continue Reading


Re: Ebola Test

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Good question. There may be a Typhoid Mary out there somewhere. Continue Reading


Re: POCONO Killer found and captured

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Good News! He can be humiliated for being captured and all the nation will know about it. He wasn't such an elusive expert after all. Continue Reading


Re: Kaci was followed by state police while going on a bike ride.

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On 10/30/2014 RetRN said: I think she is very selfish and uncaring. I'm sure she is hoping to collect big bucks. She seems strange and clearly likes being in the spotlight. I ditto this. I think the authorities were probably following her to protect her from what the general public might do to her. Continue Reading


Re: Does your workplace close on Veteran's Day?

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Veteran's Day has always been a holiday. Without our vets, we wouldn't be here. Continue Reading


Re: Do you believe that extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth?

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To answer your question, Yes. They are more ancient than we are. Yes, they have had influence here as well. However, it is my belief they are fallible and not as superior as folks think they are. Maybe their 'toys' are a little more teckie, but we are fast learners - that's what frightens them. Continue Reading


Re: Do you find this photo of Bethenny Frankel shocking?

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It's been shopped or there's a lens for a 'depth of field/view' on the camera. Never watched the series after I saw a show. She's a loud mouthed, over opinionated, obnoxious, bore. She's full of herself. I consider people like that disturbed. I could care less about who she is or what she does. Continue Reading

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