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Re: Pennsylvania Manhunt

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On 9/18/2014 Complicated said: On 9/18/2014 birddrops said: I went to read a few articles to get a bit more information. I don't quite understand the role playing as a soldier of a military "simulation" group of Eastern European countries (Serbia). I don't say this lightly or as a diagnosis, but I think mental illness is in play with his case. Definitely agree on the Mental Illness thing about that guy. He probably won't be taken alive,..............oh, well. Continue Reading


Re: No independence for Scotland says voters!

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In my opinion, it was for the best. I don't live there so I don't have a dog in the fight. Continue Reading


Re: I Don't Even Know What to Say About This

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I would be sooooo embarrassed to be a parent of either boy. What a stupid idiot thing to do. Both would be fortunate if the other parents of those who had injuries didn't sue them beyond their eyebrows. Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Thursday

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Hello To All! I am re-reminded to make my dental appointments for the year. Many blessings to be thankful about. I understood something that has been wanting some understanding and answer for some time. It was simple with many little complications but the answer was the same. I am glad I was willing to learn. Many thanks and much gratitude for this nation, her outstanding troops, her citizens, her allies, her vast and many blessings. She is a wonder and testimony to the good that can be realized in this journey we call life. Take care, be at peace, know that you are loved - ALL of you ... Continue Reading


Re: New Cookbook 'Skinnytaste' On QVC !

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Thanks for the suggestion Noel! Like others, I 'adopt' cookbooks along with other things but I like pouring over them. It's a type of therapy. Continue Reading


Re: cornstalks in outside fall decor

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Very pretty and I am sure it will look nice. Passers by will smile too! Continue Reading


Re: primitive homes

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Depends what area or region of the country you live or reside in. Back east with all the history has many charming primitive looks. Out west, we are entirely different - very desert, Native American. I like the looks but I am not into collecting anymore or dusting the appeal. Continue Reading


Re: Hi I'm beauty junkie,thread killer!!

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Hello To All You Gorgeous Gals On This Board! Sorry for your loss Silver. I was wondering about you DI as we get the news here in CA on your flooding in AZ. Had my hysterectomy. I got home Monday afternoon and have been resting up and going through the extensive soreness. Pathology report was good - that was a relief. My comfort has been not having intense hot flashes - funny how something like a little comfort and relief can be all one wants in life. So now, another adventure begins. I am sure there will be some 'beauty' product changes/additions for this new lease on life. When I ... Continue Reading


Re: Can It Really Be 1 in 5?

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I don't believe it. Some men are gay and aren't interested in females so that rules out their input. Some women aren't interested in men. Continue Reading


Re: The $85 Million House offered by Bruce Makowsky

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I have enjoyed his handbags and found them of a good quality. It's none of my business what someone does with the money I give them after a deal/purchase has been made or an exchange has been made. Continue Reading

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