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Re: Do you find anything wrong with this statue?

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On 5/28/2015 Lakk said: Some people need to get a life. Is everybody in the world offended? JMO But I am so tired of hearing everyday about somebody being offended. I agree. Continue Reading


Re: Another Ambush of a Police Officer...........with a twist

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Good going for the Canine Divisions!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you find this in poor taste or a fun idea?

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If the bride approved, it's her business. Maybe doing such a thing openly and publically will get the guy to be serious and commit to her sister. Continue Reading


Re: I Found the Allen Wrench for the Garbage Disposal But...??

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At least you can have a garbage disposal. Here in California, there's legislature about to pass that will ban all garbage disposals. No kidding. I never thought I'd live to see this. Continue Reading


Re: Oopsie. Pentagon mistakenly sends live anthrax to as many as nine states.

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On 5/27/2015 raven-blackbird said: On 5/27/2015 Love Roses said: The Pentagon??? Explain that one to me please. exactly............shouldn't it have been the other way around........that the CDC has the live anthrax and not the military having it.............and for ????????..........................raven You get my inquiry. It's the CDC who handles this sort of thing. The Pentagon??? That don't make no sense Jethro. Continue Reading


Re: If you found a $100 bill today...what do you think you'd do with it?

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I help out seniors with limited and fixed incomes. Maybe some treats for them or whatever the money could buy. Continue Reading


Re: 99 reasons to start meditating

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Mr. Chopra is one of my favs. I just bought the CD Book "God" of his at Costco for $11.99. I will put more time aside for my meditative practice. It leaves one feeling so good and calm. Continue Reading


Re: Kale Powder

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On 5/27/2015 phoenixbrd said: OK Love Roses....Here is a way to your heart with kale Buy a bunch of kale....start with the curly and not the dino. The curly is the most common that you will find. Then wash throughly and devein. (I take a knife and cut the hard vein running down the middle of each leaf.) Then cut into tiny pieces (this is important especially for newbies to kale). Take an avocado and message it into the kale bits. Take a fresh lemon and sprinkle some lemon juice and a dash of himi salt or spike. Throw in some pine nuts. Savor each bite. I've made this for people who thought ... Continue Reading


Re: Kale Powder

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Sidsmom - Cause I'm chicken to eat the actual leaf. I have heard it's not that tasty. If mixed in with other stuff, I may not dislike it. Continue Reading

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