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Meet Our First-ever Merman!

Last Reply by moonchild303 1343137742.457 | Started by Jenniefer Kirk in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, All About Accessories

Greetings all my Fairyland friends! We're anxiously awaiting our July 20th QVC shows at 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. ET. We're finally bringing you Rip Tide — our first-ever Merman as a pin/pendant. He might look a tad familiar…Helen fashioned him after Edward from Twilight. He's truly handsome and I know you will love him…can't wait to show you all the special details. In our research to design Rip Tide, we were very surprised to learn that there are very few Merman jewelry pieces out there, even vintage!   And of course, there will be many more treasures to delight you. Merma... Continue Reading


Looking Back at the Start of Fairyland on QVC

Last Reply by maureen5 1324124766.88 | Started by Jenniefer Kirk in Jewelry Talk

Greetings from Fairyland, It is hard to believe that we are celebrating our 19th Anniversary on QVC - we must have been so young when we started!!! I do remember that very first show and I was scared to death.  We designed such fantasy collections that I feared the QVC customer would not understand us or want our products.  I will never forget the producer putting a microphone on me and saying "Relax, there are only MILLIONS of people watching."  So I took a deep breath and decided I am just going to be me and talk to the customers honestly about the product I love.  If t... Continue Reading


We Will Dazzle You...

Last Reply by instruct 1366050390.713 | Started by Jenniefer Kirk in Jewelry Talk

Greetings my FairyLand Friends, May I wish you a spectacular 2011.  Hard to believe we are already here charging into this new year!  I have just returned from an amazing time with family and friends in my favorite part of the world - the Caribbean.  Nothing more relaxing or restorative than that ocean. And now we hit the ground running - off to QVC London and on to QVC USA for the 26th and 27th.  January is packed full of new designs and fabulous collections.  We will dazzle you with cats, peacocks, fairies, flowers, bees, butterflies, ornaments and a lucky elephant... Continue Reading


Kismet is a wonderful thing!

Last Reply by dab55 1352676765.28 | Started by Jenniefer Kirk in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Kismet is a wonderful thing!  Sometimes the universe just conspires to put something or someone in your path that just changes everything.  That happened to us last year when we were having a customer event at The Enchanted Manor on the Isle of Wight.   The owners of the Inn, Maggie and Ric (above), also invited Josephine Wall and her husband Bob for the weekend .  Josephine is a world renowned artist and we recognized her work immediately.   We had an amazing Fairy High Tea with all our wonderful customers  -  some even stayed at the Manor  with u... Continue Reading

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